Invite your team by clicking the icon in the lower left corner of sprout. Invite team member to sprout from there. You’ll need to input the email address(es) for your new user(s). And choose which groups and profiles you’d like them to have access to. You can read our detailed guide on adding users and configuring permissions here. Pro tip: on sprout’s professional and advanced plans. Choose “needs approval” permissions for new users and set up message approval workflows to have eyes on every post before publication. Sprout user permissions view your reports in addition to inviting your team to sprout. You’ll start to see reporting for profiles like twitter and instagram by the start of the second week of your trial. You can find these reports in our reporting tab. And choose the respective network in the left sidebar. On these reports. You’ll see profile- and page-level metrics.

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This provides you and your team with an overview of CIO& CTO Email List your profile or page performed overall this month. With totals received directly from the native social platforms. These reports track any engagements. Impressions and other metrics that your profile or page received. No matter when the post was originally published. To see a full list of sent messages and post-level metrics for each social platform. You can go to reports > cross-channel > sent messages performance. Sent message report pro tip: set up scheduled report delivery on sprout’s advanced plan to keep stakeholders informed on your team’s progress. Download the sprout social mobile app we know that our users are often on the go. But still have great ideas for new posts or want to respond to the newest message in their inbox.

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To stay in the loop even when you’re not at your desktop. You can find sprout’s mobile app from the apple app store or google play store by navigating in the sprout app to settings > utilities & goodies. In addition to many of the features already available on the web version of sprout. There are a few helpful features specific to the mobile app. These features include instagram grid previews. Failed push notifications for easy reposting and publishing instagram multi-image feed posts or stories. Sprout mobile app pro tip: click the gear icon in the top right corner of the mobile app > notification preferences to ensure all of your desired notifications are enabled. Like message spike alerts or successfully scheduled post alerts. Add brand keywords & instagram hashtags in sprout.

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