In particular, it is essential to have Romania Phone Number List  an irresistible offer, to present your products and / or services in attractive pages and finally that your call to action buttons (CTA) are “flashy”. And Laurent to add: A product page, an attractive CTA, efficient shopping cart management and you’re done. This is what Amazon does very well. But not everyone is called Amazon! And in addition, in a B to B activity – what is more in the services – it is totally different. Future customers want to have contact before ordering. So before presenting your product and / or service offer, how can you take advantage of the Internet to build a machine to generate B2B leads? And this is where Content Marketing comes in! Contents [ display ] What is the Relationship Between B2B Lead Generation and Content Marketing Many entrepreneurs

think that lead generation and the practice of Content Marketing are totally disconnected. This is not true. Your web content has a significant impact on the number of leads generated. But before going any further, let’s concretely define B2B Content Marketing. What is Content Marketing? What is Content Marketing? Most Digital Marketing experts put it this way: Content Marketing is an Internet Marketing approach that consists of publishing and distributing content: In line with your offer, Relevant to your target, And of better quality than those of your competitors. As a result, too many entrepreneurs equate Content Marketing with running a business blog. But, it is totally reducing

4 Effective Ways To Fine-tune Your Content Marketing To Generate More B2b Leads

Certainly, your business blog plays a central role in Content Marketing . But, it is also necessary: Include other forms of content like infographics, white papers, your website pages… and also content to be posted on third party websites. Promote this content on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter … In addition, according to DemandMetric , here are some benefits of keeping a business blog: 80% of Internet users interact both with social networks but also on the blog, 59% of marketers consider blogging worth it, A blog results in an average 434% increase in indexed pages and a 97% increase in indexed links,


Businesses with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads per month than businesses that don’t blog. What is lead generation for a B2B activity? What is lead generation for a B2B activity? Now, let’s precisely define lead generation for a B2B activity, that is, who sells their products and / or services to other companies. Hubspot , whose reputation in lead generation is well established, defines it as such: Lead generation involves putting in place actions or processes to contact people and then convert their business into a potential customer. This conversion is evidenced by their interest in your company’s product or service. In other words, B2B lead generation is all about attracting people so that they can convert their business later.

Storytelling: Telling Stories That Engage Your Audience

And this is the obvious: the more prospects you have, the more chances you have of winning new customers. What is the link between Content Marketing and B2B lead generation? What is the link between Content Marketing and B2B lead generation? It’s simple, let’s consider your business website. What convinces your visitors is the content they consume. In other words, all written and visual content on your business website. For example, if your website only lists your contact details, it’s about as useless as a business card. On the other hand, with educational content, your website becomes the starting point for generating leads with: A professional photo of your team members, Accurate and correctly written information about your products, Your blog posts giving quality information

And even “free” offers like a white paper to download… The goal of all this content is to seduce your audience and encourage them to contact you. So, it’s easy to understand how all of these forms of content play a crucial role in generating B2B leads. But your competitor’s websites contain content too, so how do you post content that really appeals to your audience? Or, in other words, how can your Content Marketing generate more B2B leads than your competition? On the same subject : 5 recommendations to generate traffic on your Site 4 Effective Ways to Fine-Tune Your Content Marketing to Generate More B2B Leads 4 Effective Ways to Fine-Tune Your Content Marketing

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