So be sure to make your site as SEO friendly as possible. Your structure must allow the Internet user to find each content without complicating their lives. When creating your categories, you have to think for the visitor, so that they know Ukraine Email List to go to retrieve this or that information. This therefore implies having a logical structure, with links between each content and non-duplicated content so that the visitor knows precisely where he lands without having already read content on another page.

Think about your site structure according to the target to be reached Before even writing and posting random content on the site and on any subject, it is essential to think about the structure you want to put in place on your site. Resume your marketing strategy, this will enlighten you in your structuring: Who is my site for? What needs do I have to meet? What product or content meets these needs? What makes me different from my competitors? Then list your current or future content on your site.


The Amount Of Backlinks

Group them by category, and structure them. The structure of your content is important. It is essential to give meaning to your content according to the chosen category so that the visitor finds it easier. My advice : it is preferable that content is associated with only one category. Use the right taxonomies (or categories) In WordPress, you can create the category tree that you need. The pages must be used for ancillary content such as: Contact page, Legal Notice, Sitemap.


Categories and articles are more convenient for uploading and prioritizing all your posts. Use keywords to position yourself on secondary queries, which carry less weight, but which remain relevant to the Internet user. The end goal is to respond to your target, and to match your keywords. The importance of keywords for WordPress SEO or other The choice of your keywords must be thought out strategically and must correspond to your theme. They serve to segment your content differently and give it meaning. As a general rule, choosing 2 to 3 keywords per article is a good practice.


The Quality Of Backlinks

Beyond that, your content may be over-optimized. And that Google doesn’t like either … Your keyword must be understandable, searched by Internet users (eg: women’s running shoe). Tools are available to you in order to know the needs of your target audience, and what their research is on the web: SEMrush , Yooda Insight , Ubersuggest , or even the Google Ads keyword generator … Your keyword should have real, well-associated content. If you associate your keyword in a systematic way with all the articles of the same category, then it is better not to create it. My advice : use several tools to find your main (or primary) keywords On the same topic : 7 Ways to Learn SEO 3. Optimize content to be visible Optimize content to be visible.

Optimizing unique and relevant content is one of the basics of SEO. Optimizing content is basically thinking like a visitor who is likely to come to your business site. The content itself The question to ask yourself is: what makes my content great? Content must be long enough to be relevant in SEO. Count at least 350 words and know that content of around 2000 words is generally the best positioned (source backlinko ). It must include the targeted terms and terms related to the same semantics while responding to the theme of the page.

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