In order to strengthen the emotional connection between our two children. Daniel and Dora, who were born in Jakarta and their hometown (bona pasogit). In conclusion, We return to the village quite regularly.

In conclusion, That afternoon my two children and I came home from the river which is a bit far from home to play in the very clear river water.

Arriving at the house, I saw a middle-aged

Man carrying a tilapia fish which was quite large in size. The middle-aged man handed the tilapia fish in a plastic bag and said Uncle Saulina wanted the France Phone Number bones (uncle) to visit him. How is the condition of Unompung Saulina (92 years old)?

Ompung Saulina is a 92-year-old grandmother and her 6 children who were convicted for allegedly cutting durian trees in order to repair the graves of their ancestors.

Ompung Saulina admitted to the prosecutor that the cutting of the 10cm diameter durian tree above the grave was on his orders. Because of this confession, the prosecutor named Ompung Saulina as a suspect.

Hearing the case in Panamean hamlet, Uluan District, Toba Regency, North Sumatra, I immediately returned from.

Tangerang to My Hometown to See the Real Reality

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