Google Ads announces use of machine learning to avoid repeated ad serving Recently, Google announced that it will soon be using machine learning to manage the frequency of announcements when third-party cookies are missing. A deployment is planned in the coming weeks on Display & Video 360, then will certainly be extended to Display offers as part of the Google Ads ads. The goal of this deployment: to Brunei Email List user privacy, while serving ads effectively to publishers and marketers. Usually, when third-party cookies are blocked or restricted, advertisers do not have the ability to limit the number of times an internet user sees an advertisement.

Concretely, what does this mean? A person who blocks cookies can see the same advertisement over and over again. How to overcome the dissemination of repeated ads? According to Google , by using traffic models where a third-party cookie is available, and analyzing them at an aggregate level across Google Ad Manager publishers, it is possible to create models predicting traffic patterns when a third-party cookie does not ‘is not present, and thus manage the frequency of announcements when third-party cookies are blocked. Thus, this helps to estimate the likelihood for users to visit different publishers that serve the same ads through Google Ad Manager. When there is no third-party cookie present, Google is able to optimize the frequency with which these ads should be served to users.


How To Overcome The Dissemination Of Repeated Ads?

Because all user data is aggregated before Google applies its machine learning models , no user-level information is shared between websites. This feature relies solely on a publisher’s data firstparty to inform the frequency of advertisements for visitors to their own site. This solution therefore offers greater privacy for users compared to other workarounds, such as fingerprinting, which relies on user-level signals such as the IP address. The desire to offer more diverse and varied advertising Over the years, the ads have sometimes become inappropriate and intrusive, leading some Internet users to install an ad blocker (adblock)on their devices. From an advertiser perspective, it is therefore difficult to serve a variety of ads to these users, rather than showing the same ad over and over again.


Advertisers generally pay on a “Cost Per Click” (CPC) basis, but “Cost Per Mile” (CPM) is not excluded. In the latter case, displaying the same ad to the same user turns into a waste of advertising investment. If the AdSense publisher isn’t getting ad clicks, they aren’t getting ad revenue. Also, if Internet users see the same ad several times, the expected effect will be negative since they will saturate in front of the proposed advertising recurrence. In conclusion As part of this privacy-focused workaround, Google will therefore now use machine learning to manage how often an ad is shown to a user when third-party cookies are blocked by users. Google will roll out its machine learning solution over the next two months. Will the upcoming update really improve the experiences of everyone involved, from advertisers to publishers to users?


The Desire To Offer More Diverse And Varied Advertising

This marketing technique consists of avoiding generic expressions and instead using very specific keywords. This will allow you to stand out in order to attract to your website an extremely targeted audience who is sensitive to your offers. In terms of budget, consider adjusting your bids on the various SEA tools so as not to consume it too quickly. Also be sure to increase it to cope with the many searches that are carried out by Internet users during this period.

Your ROI (return on investment) will be even better. Of course, favor ads that are graphically attractive and encourage action. Given the sharp increase in mobile usage, always opt for responsive campaigns that will adapt to the device used. In conclusion, your paid SEO strategy for the holiday season has every interest in relying on the tools offered by Google. The search engine is now a reflex for many consumers looking for gifts for their loved ones. And to go even further and maximize your performance, SEA on e-commerce giant Amazon can also be a solution of choice.

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