Google Ads Editor: discover the 4 new features Last March, Google introduced Google Ads Editor version 1.0, a version aimed at improving the design and usability of the tool. Following the many comments from users, Google announced the Burundi Email List last July of Google Ads Editor v1.1. Google Ads Editor, what is it? Google Ads Editor version 1.0 is a new and improved version of the “Editor” solution. Google says it waited for a version including a major update responding to requests long formulated by the community. Google Ads Editor has full functionality for managing multiple accounts.

Previously, campaign managers could only make changes in the Editor UI for one account at a time. In the end, the time lost was important because of having to perform the same tasks. Now Editor offers full functionality to manage multiple accounts at the same time. It is possible to use Editor seamlessly for all your Google Ads accounts, through a single window. For example, you can easily add the same set of keywords in different accounts, update campaign settings for all of your business, or download relevant statistics for the campaigns of your choice. What is changing?


Google Ads Editor V1.1: Better Design And Usability Level

Google Ads Editor v1.1: better design and usability level Google has improved the interface to help you use the various features and complete your tasks faster. For example, Google’s user experience studies found that users had difficulty remembering the location of each setting. The giant has therefore created a control panel on the right to facilitate navigation. A search functionality has also been added to allow users to quickly find what they need. Google Ads Editor v1.1: the last 4 features Google Ads Editor version 1.1 was released last July and contains updates to improve the design and usability of the tool. Here are the latest updated features: Image selection tool Working with images can be difficult, especially when you have to import them one after another from your computer.


The new Image Selector tool lets you not only select images on your computer, but also browse through already used images and select them quickly. To simplify the process, warnings and detected errors appear in the image thumbnail before selection. Dark mode Dark mode has been designed for your viewing comfort. Whether you’ve spent hours in the tool or want to vary the interface a bit, you can turn on Dark Mode by clicking the moon icon in the lower right corner. To return to light mode, just select the sun icon. IP exclusions You can now add and update IP address exclusions to keep your IP address exclusion settings consistent when you copy and paste campaigns.


Google Ads Editor, What Is It?

Account manager Checkboxes have been added in the account manager for multi-account management. More information here: Google Ads Editor Help Center . You can download the latest version by opening Google Ads Editor. Strengthen your notoriety, Build customer loyalty and inform them about your products and services, Promote your existing services and those to come. Ultimately, a powerful semantic cocoon allows your site to optimize its SEO referencing. On the other hand, it also helps you to seduce the Internet user, to arouse their curiosity and to encourage them to navigate between your pages thanks to its dense internal mesh.

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