Google Ads: end of accelerated delivery on Search and Shopping campaigns Change from accelerated delivery to standard delivery for Search & Shopping campaigns Google announces that it will stop accelerated delivery on the Search and Burkina Faso Email List campaigns from September 17. Expedited campaigns will change to standard delivery starting October 1. Thus, from September 17, the accelerated delivery option will be permanently removed and standard delivery will be the only option available for Search & Shopping campaigns, as well as for shared budget campaigns.

Automatic transition before October 1st. All Search and Shopping campaigns will automatically convert to standard delivery before October 1. The accelerated delivery option will still be available for Display and Video campaigns, as indicated by Google. Why this modification? Typically, advertisers opt for accelerated delivery when the goal is to drive as many conversions as possible within a target cost per conversion. This is especially common for e-merchants willing to spend as much as possible, as long as their margins are reasonable.

The Limits Of Accelerated Diffusion

They choose the expedited delivery option and set daily budgets high enough for their ads to run as often as possible, throughout the day. This is a particularly popular option for Shopping campaigns, in particular. The limits of accelerated diffusion However, Google insists that Accelerated Delivery can be an ineffective option, especially if you have a limited daily budget, as in this case your ads will stop showing well before the end of the day. Google also states that “this method can increase CPCs due to increased competition at the start of the day or unintentional use of most of your budget in older time zones .


” According to Google, standard delivery has been improved to become more predictive: “Standard delivery takes into account the expected performance of ads throughout the day and optimizes performance while respecting your daily budget.” The advantages of standard diffusion With standard delivery, your budget is tracked throughout the day or during the planning periods when your ads are showing. Google states that standard delivery “optimizes your spend to better reflect the search for targeted users in inventory (eg, user searches for your product / service) ” , as opposed to accelerated delivery, which Google says is ” less optimized ”.


What Should We Take Away From This Modification?

Your options as an advertiser? Google recommends: Choose conversion optimization or click-maximization strategies to indicate your performance priority for campaigns using accelerated delivery. use the ad serving schedule to manage your ad display and bid adjustments to raise and lower bids at certain times of the year or day. (Although the Google ads schedule only considers your account’s time zone.) What should we take away from this modification? Once again, this is the loss of additional leverage, which will probably be criticized by a good number of advertisers. However, it is also yet another proof that Google is constantly making improvements to its tools. By choosing to make this change, the giant believes that its machine learning algorithms are now better equipped to optimize campaigns.

In this case, this means that it is possible to optimize ad serving based on the advertiser’s goals and contextual query signals, rather than the relatively crude option of showing ads more often and as soon as possible. Of course, favor ads that are graphically attractive and encourage action. Given the sharp increase in mobile usage, always opt for responsive campaigns that will adapt to the device used. In conclusion, your paid SEO strategy for the holiday season has every interest in relying on the tools offered by Google. The search engine is now a reflex for many consumers looking for gifts for their loved ones. And to go even further and maximize your performance, SEA on e-commerce giant Amazon can also be a solution of choice.

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