Google Ads: new features available for responsive ads Google will offer new features for its responsive ads. Adding location extensions: This feature allows the advertiser to insert a placeholder telling Google to display the city, state or country based on where the potential customer is searching or where location that interests him. This is based on the type of location targeting your campaign has. The functionality is inserted with the command reference Turks and Caicos Islands Email List , where the “city” can be changed to state or country via a selection of radio buttons: Google ads Once configured, your ad will automatically include city, state, or country names based on the location of potential customers or their areas of interest.

To examine the number of times your ad is displayed using the places extension, see the anonymous and aggregate reports. Adding countdown timers: Countdown timers allow the advertiser to enter an end date for upcoming events. The ad then calculates the time remaining between that specific moment and when the user sees the ad, dynamically updating it. Google ads The countdown time specification can be adjusted to the user’s time zone, or set at a global level to complete without making time zone adjustments.


Google Ads: New Features Available For Responsive Ads

Suggested Copy Assets: To make it easier to create more informative ads, Google Ads has improved the suggestions you see when writing headlines and descriptions. Now when you create a responsive search ad, new categories will appear, giving you commonly used recommendations highlighting online availability, as well as shipping and return options for your business. Google ads Cross-campaign asset report: To aggregate results by asset more quickly, Google Ads now offers cross-campaign reports for these copy assets.


This aggregates the data for every asset, regardless of the campaign, and gives the user instant overall performance. Google ads Other New Features : Google Ads is also introducing a new recommendation to improve responsive network search ads when their ad strength is below “Good”. This allows you to optimize your ads more efficiently. When checking your account’s optimization score, look for this recommendation to help you identify opportunities that can improve your responsive ads. Also, you will soon see recommendations appear in Google Ads Editor to “add responsive search ads” to help you bulk or bulk add more relevant ads across accounts and campaigns.


Adding Countdown Timers: Countdown

But do not forget for the important elements, the “calls to action”, to add a touch of color. Colors have been proven to affect users: it only takes 90 seconds to form an opinion on a product and 90% of that decision is due to the influence of colors. Each color has its meaning, and transcribes specific emotions or effects. Every year, Pantone communicates the color of the year, which will inspire the creative professions. For the year 2019, this is a pretty energetic coral (Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral). Colorful website Example of a colorful site: Black and white website Example of a black and white site: Shapes and illustrations In 2019, make way for organic, rounded shapes that give Internet users a feeling of comfort and security.

Their more natural appearance creates an impression of movement and softness that will bring life to your website. Geometric shapes give a feeling of stability. In 2019, make way for accessibility and comfort. The movement effect will generate a feeling of comfort for the users. Paired with beautiful colors, these shapes will add depth to designs and bring out important elements of your platforms. They recall the spontaneity and naturalness of human creations, and thus make websites more lively and human by giving an impression of movement.

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