Google Ads: new features available to promote in-store sales Google Ads is working hard to help local businesses promote their in-store sales. According to Google, searches for “for sale near me” have increased by 250% over the past two years. To help Armenia Email List develop their in-store sales, the giant is bringing new features to local campaigns. Focus on new features for local campaigns Optimization for calls Over the next few weeks, advertisers will be able to set up local campaigns to drive calls to stores.

This functionality will be available even if the measurement of store visits is not configured. Location groups Advertisers can now promote a subset of corporate placements by creating placement groups. The goal: to facilitate the creation of ads for promotions specific to these locations. Reporting tool Advertisers can get better insight into their creative performance with a new reporting tool. These reports can be used to see which message (s) and tool (s) work best together. Local inventory ad promotions Promotions can now be added to local inventory listings to highlight in-store deals on products currently in stock.


Focus On New Features For Local Campaigns

Improved smart bidding Google is introducing seasonality adjustments in smart bids, which will take into account expected sales increases when optimizing bids. More market audience Google is expanding its audience in the market by offering more segments in categories such as beauty, sports, education, and real estate. Do not hesitate to contact one of our expert consultants on the creation and optimization of your Google Shopping ads to assist you in the implementation of your strategy.


The work done will pay off in the long term . Is inbound marketing relevant to my business? Inbound marketing is particularly suited to B2B requirements. Indeed, this sector is characterized by a specific purchasing behavior, based on longer thinking, cost analysis and decision making delayed by internal decision-making processes. But inbound marketing can also be used in the field of B2C, in addition to traditional communication actions. In this specific case, it offers better results when the buyer has to compare several products before making his choice (household appliances, household equipment, high-tech equipment).


Local Inventory Ad Promotions

What are the concrete applications of inbound marketing? CREATE A USER-CENTRIC BLOG The blog is the ideal ground of expression to pilot a communication directed towards your target. Unlike the showcase site or the e-commerce site, which presents the company and its products, the blog allows you to create thematic subjects directly related to the concerns and expectations of your future customers . Say, for example, that you sell wood burning inserts and stoves. A blog on the themes of interior design, thermal comfort and ecology will answer the questions that users have.

You can even enrich it with demonstration videos and tutorials. WRITE PREMIUM CONTENT: WHITE PAPERS, CASE STUDIES, TESTIMONIALS Available for download, this high added value content generates several benefits: They can help you qualify your contacts , as they can only access content after filling out a form. They confirm your expertise and your positioning. They help (discreetly) promote your products or services , although it is best to choose a neutral and informative tone. MAKE THE BUZZ ON SOCIAL NETWORKS Posting a quirky video about your business or creating an insightful infographic are all lead acquisition strategies that can help you build brand awareness.

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