The Google Ads application introduces the optimization score As a reminder, the score or optimization rate is an estimator of optimal performance for the user’s Google Ads account. It includes a scale from 0 to 100%, with the maximum value Western Sahara Email List that you can fully enjoy the benefits of your account. Several automatically generated recommendations are offered to us in order to improve the score and the campaigns. After several months of optimization of the advertising network of the American firm, Google has therefore announced in recent days the availability of the optimization score function as well as the dark mode on the Google Ads application.

To help you stay on top of the latest available recommendations, Google notifies you in real time when your optimization score changes. Gif of account overview page Demonstration of the optimization score on the Google Ads app. Source: Google Support We can therefore see via the demonstration, the addition of a navigation bar in the lower part of the screen allowing you to navigate more simply on the pages you are looking for (with the spaces “Overview” , “Recommendations ” And ” Campaigns ” ).


The Google Ads Application Introduces The Optimization Score

In 2019, illustrations are more present than ever, web designers prefer an illustration to a text to present a concept. They can thus engage the imagination of users and involve them in an immersive experience. The flat design is no more, the illustrations take depth and texture. We leave room for organic shapes, more dynamic and comfortable. Hand drawings are preferred to the sometimes too classic and banal illustrations available on the internet: pictograms, handwritten words, highlighting effects, it’s up to you to personalize your websites as much as possible! 3D illustrations are making their way on the web.


Popularized by Slack, we add depth and above all realism to the illustrations to blur the boundaries between the real and digital world. This task, which is carried out long before the content is written, is quite delicate. The mission of the webmarketing agency will be to define its sections. It will ensure that the site is ergonomic and that the user experience is the best possible so that Internet users can easily find themselves in its ramifications. A traditional tree structure prioritizes information into sections and sub-sections and so on, on several levels.


Demonstration Of The Optimization Score On The Google Ads App

In the case of an e-commerce site, it is for example usual to provide product families, categories as well as sub-categories of articles so that the products are well presented. In summary, the organization chart is studied according to the categorization of the services to be marketed. As part of the cocoon technique, the natural referencing agency will organize the information so that there is a common thread between them, the sub-pages having the role of boosting the main page or the target page. The site thus meets the Internet user’s expectations in an optimal way, each cocoon focusing only on its areas of interest.

Taking the example of the shoe store, a classic tree structure will group the themes as follows: Men’s shoes: sneakers, derbies, espadrilles, boots, etc. Women’s shoes: pumps, ballerinas, ankle boots, boots, flip flops, etc. Children’s shoes: sneakers, sandals, ballet flats, baby shoes By opting for a cocoon, we will be based primarily on the concerns of Internet users. It is possible to find out their needs by using query research tools. They will then be grouped together to form cocoons and coherent pages. In our example, we will obtain for example the following diagram: Shoes : running shoes: brand, materials, models for light or heavy runner.

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