Google announced the end of the Average Position on Google Ads The year 2019 seems to be the year of all the changes on the side of the giant. Since the beginning of the year, Google has been increasing the news on announcements, updates and news. Latest: the official end of the Average Position metric. Average Position on Google Ads Average Costa Rica Email List is one of the original parameters of Google Ads when launching its AdWords search advertising product. Concretely, this metric determines the display order of the ads on a page compared to the competition. Vital information for any advertiser.

Why remove this a priori essential metric? Advertising on search engines is evolving at breakneck speed, which means changing statistical metrics according to the new information needs of advertisers. In the case of the Average Position, while it was an essential metric for making optimization decisions, it seems to have lost its usefulness. Indeed, placing an absolute bid at the top of the page is in itself the right strategy.


Why Remove This A Priori Essential Metric?

On the other hand, this strategy is not optimal with the Average Position since this one indicates only if the ad is ranked highest in the auction, but not if it meets all the other criteria necessary to be displayed in the auction. above or above organic results. In addition, the Average Position was never intended to certify your location on the Search Network. It is only used to provide you with information on your ranking compared to the ads of your competitors. More concretely, a position of 1 for example does not necessarily mean a display above the natural results.


For all these reasons, Google recently announced that the Average Position would disappear during this year. The appearance of 4 new statistics to assess your position Since the Average Position metric does not allow advertisers to know if their ad meets the different criteria necessary to be displayed above or above organic results, Google has gradually introduced 4 new statistics to assess your position on the results page, namely: “Search for absolute impression sharing” and “Search (Top) IS”. These statistics now allow advertisers to examine: the number of times their ad was displayed above all results, paid or organic print rate above organic results the number of impressions in these two locations over the number of times you are eligible.


The Appearance Of 4 New Statistics To Assess Your Position

These new KPIs therefore help you to more accurately determine the position and dominance of an ad in the Search Network results page, providing much better data for all advertisers concerned about their marketing strategy. brand on search engines. Keep in mind that the price of your WordPress site will primarily depend on the performance goals you set for yourself. The cost depends on the features and customization you will need to implement to achieve these goals. A WordPress website, once your functionalities have been determined, you can act in several phases.

Start with the essential functionalities and then develop functionalities that are less “urgent” in relation to your objectives. Keep the notion of return on investment (ROI) in mind when choosing which features are priority. You can then develop new services when your site brings you turnover. If you can carry out your project on your own, do not neglect the time you will have to spend on it without a total guarantee of results. Calling on a specialized service provider, freelance or web agency, is a guarantee of success for your website. Most service providers work on a fixed price basis within a defined scope.


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