Google Ads Removes Two Bidding Strategies This Month Smart recommendations to make Google Ads profitable Opteo is a tool that offers suggestions for improvement for better management of AdWords . It is one of the most beneficial ways to manage Google Ads accounts. The system is based on continuous account monitoring to detect statistically Cape Verde Email List  trends and suggest many improvements based on conversion data and set performance targets. If something goes wrong, Opteo suggests improvement based on real data, also helps monitor spending, and sends alerts when needed.

Removal of two auction strategies from this month of June Google has announced that it plans to remove the “Target Search Page Location” and “Target Top Share” bidding strategies at the end of June. Following the introduction last November of the features of Target Impression Share, Google has decided to no longer offer the above-mentioned bidding strategies. What is Target Impression Share? This is a smart bidding strategy that automatically sets bids based on where the ad is going to appear. Advertisers can set up auctions for their ads to appear, either: at the absolute top of the page, at the top of the page, or in the search results page.


Smart Recommendations To Make Google Ads Profitable

Concretely, Target Impression Share offers more flexible and granular controls to optimize your impression sharing and search page placement. You can use “Sharing Absolute Impressions” or “Sharing Top Impressions” to aim for the top of the page using the Target Impression Share. Target impression share In conclusion As of the end of June, it will no longer be possible for advertisers to add new bidding strategies on “Target Search Page Location” or “Target Top Share”. Campaigns using “Target Search Page Location” or “Target Top Share” bidding strategies will automatically migrate to the Target Impression Share. After migrating to the Target Impression Share, campaigns will be automatically optimized based on previous target placements and historical impression sharing.


Only the expertise of an experienced agency, familiar with the issues of automotive digital marketing and market innovations, is likely to achieve such results. CASE STUDY Implementation of the digital strategy of the Honda Sport Auto group’s car dealerships CLIENT PRESENTATION The Sport Auto group was created in 1989 with the construction of the Honda dealership in Quimper in Finistère. Sport Auto dealerships are the ambassadors of Honda cars in Brittany. Subsequently, the group expanded into Morbihan and Ille et Vilaine with the acquisition of the Honda dealerships in Lorient in 1992, Rennes in 1996, Saint Malo in 1998 and Vannes in 2003. Currently, Sport Auto employs 22 people.


What Is Target Impression Share?

CONTEXT OF INTERVENTION AND CLIENT OBJECTIVES The Honda Sport Auto group markets each year more than 450 new vehicles and 470 used vehicles in Brittany. Thanks to its local presence in 5 agglomerations, the group’s communication has hitherto favored communication essentially based on the following media: urban signage; inserts in the local press; sports and cultural partnerships; the realization of mailing and emailing proposed by the manufacturer. At the same time, the various dealerships were already present on digital media via a dedicated website and a presence on the Facebook social network for each dealership. Honda Sport Auto found that the results obtained internally were not sufficient in relation to the challenges represented by digital technology in the automotive sector.

Also, the group called on the webmarketing agency ID Interactive at the end of 2018 to improve and develop its performance in its marketing areas (Saint-Malo, Vannes, Lorient, Quimper and Rennes). The stakes for Honda Sport Auto were: Ensure better visibility and gain notoriety at the local level and reach close targets and in affinity with Honda cars; Improve the quality of their presence on social networks and in particular on Facebook; Grow the dealership communities, by promoting commitment around Honda products; ultimately generate qualified leads for vehicle testing at the dealership.

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