Focus on the latest Google Ads news Smart Shopping Explanation : Smart Shopping Ads, read “smart shopping ads” simplify your campaign management, maximize conversion value, and expand your audience. This campaign subtype Colombia Email Address standard Shopping campaigns and Display Network remarketing campaigns. The goal: to automate the bids and the placement of your advertisements to allow you to promote your products and your activity on several networks. New Smart Shopping : It is now possible to create Smart Shopping campaigns without conversion history.

Contact our consultants to assist you in creating your Smart Shopping campaigns. Sitelinks & Trademarks Explanation : Sitelinks are links displayed below certain sites in Google search results and are intended to make your site easier for Internet users to consult. They appear most often on searches related to brand names. New : Retailers can now use trademarks in their sitelink extensions without explicit authorization, provided they comply with the terms of use. Note that the redirection pages will be systematically checked to ensure regulatory use. Beta Detailed Demographics in B2B Explanation : Detailed Demographics is an extension of current Google Ads demographics to optimize advertiser campaigns across industries with very specific targeting capabilities: marital status, home ownership, education, and parental status.


Focus On The Latest Google Ads News

This beta allows, among other things, to get in touch with organizations according to their size and industry. New : The Detailed Demographics beta is now available on Search, Shopping, YouTube and Gmail, whereas it was previously only available in the United States. Advertisers can now make whitelisting requests. Installed on the server of your website, these guarantee an encryption of the data of your site during the various server calls. The price of a quality security certificate managed by a service provider varies between € 99 and € 200 excluding tax per year. Guarantee of developments and maintenance If you go through a service provider, do not forget to ask him for the warranty period on the developments he will carry out for your website.


Each service provider offers to guarantee its developments for a given period ranging from 3 to 12 months. The maintenance of your site is very important. It keeps the heart of the WordPress system and its plugins up to date and corrects bugs that may appear during the operating time of your site or make your site evolve. There are 2 types of maintenance: application and corrective maintenance and progressive maintenance. Application maintenance takes into account the handling of incidents, anomalies and possible malfunctions of the site during the production phase, in particular.


Beta Detailed Demographics In B2b

Management of IT malfunctions on the website and associated administration; WordPress update (excluding major version upgrade (towards 6.0)) and security fixes; Plugin security update and patch; The price of application and corrective maintenance is set by each service provider depending on the complexity of your website. it falls within a fairly wide range going from 20 € HT per month for a simple site to several hundred euros per month for a very complex site. Evolutionary maintenance allows for its part to develop the site to optimize it beyond the initial specifications.

It is the teaching that can be done by operating the site that triggers these developments. Most of the time, this is a dedicated number of hours per year that you determine with your provider and that you can use to make improvements on your WordPress site. Webmarketing, the key to your website’s success From the design of your project, you must think precisely about your performance objectives. Which target do you want to hit? How and why ? You absolutely must remember to plan a budget dedicated to web marketing to support the launch and growth of your website. For visibility in the medium and long term, it is important not to neglect natural referencing in your requests to service providers.

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