Gallery Ads: the new giant image search ad format Initially available in the automotive sector for a few years, Google is currently testing giant image search ads called “Gallery Ads” with influential advertisers in English-speaking countries (UK & US). The Bahamas Email List is temporarily closed to whitelisting. A version of this format with a carousel of images was spotted on mobile by Search Engine Land columnist Glenn Gabe, who runs G-Squared Interactive. The ad, for Nike, appeared on an unrelated query: “What are the best running sneakers?

Google giant image search ads – ORIXA MEDIA Gallery Ads: how does this new format look? Google’s objective: to test more and more new formats in order to improve the experience, both for the advertiser and for the Internet user. The characteristics of this test format called “Gallery Ads”: It is made up of several titles accompanied by a large carousel of images, followed by a description. Possibility for the user to scroll through all the images of the ad. When clicking on the images, display of a page hosted by Google containing all the images and their captions. A map with a link to the advertiser’s site is available at the bottom of this page.


Gallery Ads: How Does This New Format Look?

By clicking on the title of the ad, as with conventional text ads, the Internet user is redirected to the advertiser’s site. Google giant image search ads – ORIXA MEDIA What performance for the automotive sector? The performances studied in this sector were very conclusive. During the auto ads launch, Toyota said it saw a higher conversion count at a lower CPA than standard text ads. Car ads of this type have been available since 2016, which means that Google has more than three years of data on their performance. To be followed closely) This larger and more dispersed format offers more visibility, both for the advertiser and for the Internet user.


It provides a big impact for a very quick set-up, especially in vertical markets where there are immediate high-quality varied product images available. Another point: it is very interesting to see this test appear on an unbranded search query. Car ads typically only appear on branded searches. Still in the testing phase with the aim of studying in depth the performance of this new format on other sectors of activity, Google has not communicated more information on its upcoming availability. Case to follow. We will keep you informed in the event that whitelisting is opened.


What Performance For The Automotive Sector?

In 2019, the trend is to “break the layout”, we are destroying traditional layouts, we are destabilizing users by breaking them out of their habits to offer them a new experience. This trend allows web designers to surpass themselves by giving free rein to their imagination by superimposing colors and textures, texts and images, by placing elements differently… Asymmetrical designs and unstructured layouts have a bright future ahead of them. The whole difficulty lies in designing an interface comprising asymmetrical elements while respecting the rules of harmony, readability and balance.

Standing out from the crowd and standing out from the competition are major issues at the moment: betting on non-conformism and innovating in the design of your websites can prove to be a profitable solution. Inspired by brutalism, this architectural style popularized by Le Corbusier, this trend called “broken grid layouts” allows you to create a unique and unexpected identity for your brand’s website. Site layout Example of a site with an unstructured layout: Colors In 2019, the colors of web design are vibrant, flashy and are increasingly needed to attract the attention of Internet users.

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