Google limits the report on search terms Towards more privacy for users, and less data for advertisers. As of September, the Google search terms report will be limited. Advertisers will have less data. A warning message is visible when Belize Email List the report. Here is what Google said recently: “ We are updating the Search Terms report to include only keywords that are searched by a sufficient number of users. As a result, you might see fewer queries in your report ”. Less data for advertisers Advertisers will no longer have access to queries that do not register sufficient search volume, even if these keywords are giving them paid traffic.

It should be noted that Google does not specify from what threshold queries will be included in the report. It seems that the impact of this change on the SEA is strong. Small structures targeting keywords that have a low search volume (long tail) could be more affected by this decision. Also, those who base their campaigns on a large number of keywords will also be strongly impacted by the limitation of reports, as the case below proves (source: Search Engine Journal). For SEA specialists, this “novelty” should greatly reduce the transparency of their advertising performance on Google.


Google Limits The Report On Search Terms

Twitter More privacy for users Once again, Google is restricting the data transmitted to advertisers as part of their digital strategy. Ten years after the appearance of the famous (not provided) for SEO, a year after the consolidation of synonyms around the most popular keywords in SEA reports, the search engine decides to place the long tail of the words keys in a black box to which professionals will no longer have access. From the point of view of individuals, this decision reinforces their confidentiality. Reducing data transparency in this way also allows the search engine to make marketers ever more dependent on the “smart” tools offered by Google to design their campaigns, and forcing them to trust Google for distribution on the one hand.


Sometimes not insignificant of their advertising budgets. Impossible to analyze in detail their performance, in an uncertain context as shown by the latest IAB study . If you have chosen to outsource SEA management recently, prefer an agency that indexes its remuneration on the performance of the campaigns it designs for you. Are you looking to increase your visibility on search engines and boost the performance of your e-commerce? Contact our SEA agency . Also take advantage of the free and unlimited referencing on our marketplace .


Less Data For Advertisers

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