This is what we have been told for  Namibia Phone Number List  several years now. This trend has accelerated with the advent of inbound marketing which focuses mainly on 2 elements: Make your site a medium according to the PESO model, Place content at the center of the whole strategy. But ultimately what does “good content” mean: High added value content? An ultra long blog post? Relevant and effective web content? So many designations that do not really explain what the visitor really expects from your articles and especially what elements must be present to satisfy the search engines.

So I turned to Sandra , our angel on the web editor: Internet users are demanding and Google has understood this. Also, since 2015, it has integrated the EAT criteria into its algorithms. Several updates have since taken place such as Quality with the Phantom update or even Google June Core. Knowing the EAT criteria, acronym for “Expertise, Authority, Reliability” (or in English Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) is therefore essential to produce content that meets Google’s requirements and thus climb in search results. Content

Conclusion On Google Eat – Seo Quality Criteria For High Added Value Content

Google EAT: what are the quality criteria used by search engines? Google EAT: what are the quality criteria used by search engines? EAT is a term that is mentioned throughout Google’s guidelines for Quality Raters. These are people, contractors to Google, whose job it is to estimate the quality of search results. The concept has been around at Google since 2014. Nonetheless, updates to the search engine relevance algorithm in August 2018 and March 2019 put it back in the spotlight with SEO experts. Originally intended for YMYL (Your money, Your life) sites, the EAT criteria are used to assign a quality score to the pages of a website.


This score is used to attest to the reliability of the information and its sincerity. Today and the trend for 2021 is confirmed, these quality criteria are also reaching all websites. These are therefore criteria that should not be neglected for your future SEO strategy. To go into detail about the EAT, here is what Google means by high value-added content. E for Expertise To be recognized as an expert in his field is the goal of every entrepreneur. This guarantee of quality triggers the confidence of users and is therefore essential to obtain traffic and visibility on the web. Google has therefore included it in its ranking criteria, because, of course, you must be an expert in your field.

To Sum Up In 3 Questions

This ensures relevant and very detailed information for the user. This also applies to recent or updated information. Indeed, as an expert, you must necessarily update your content according to developments in your field. A for Authority Demonstrating your expertise to users will inevitably bring about a credibility that Google defines by the authority. This notoriety is acquired on social networks, forums and any place where you can demonstrate your expertise. Reliability or confidence This last criterion of Google EAT concerns several aspects. On the one hand, Google is interested in the reliability of the information disseminated on your site through your blog posts.

On the other hand, it takes into account all credibility references such as a secure https site or the presence of legal notices on your website. All the elements establishing your reliability are therefore analyzed by Google’s algorithms. On the same subject : Semantic writing: instructions for use How to produce EAT content that meets Google’s expectations? How to produce EAT content that meets Google’s expectations? As with all content, the basic rules already apply to give Google confidence. If the robots are already finding a good base when crawling your site, the search engine will be in a good position to give you a good rating. Among these elements, we can cite: A structure of the subtitles in Hn correctly developed, Striking titles without being touted, A main request well chosen and placed,

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