Laurent also told me about WordStream , but beware , it costs $ 250 per month! And before setting my sights on SEMrush, I assessed it well against Moz, which is also Djibouti Email List leader in SEO. Finally, there is also Ubersuggest with much lower subscriptions (from € 29 per month). Free Every one of the features offered by SEMrush, Ahrefs and the others, surely exists somewhere on the web, as a free version. It is a virtual certainty.

You can surely build your own toolbox from free modules gleaned from the web. However, the main problem with free tools is that they are not as well maintained or optimized as paid solutions. Your ROI will therefore be lower. In addition, there is no guarantee of their sustainability. It’s a safe bet that you will have to constantly look for new tools. Eventually, it could cost you a lot of time. It is better to invest it in the development of your business. Last question about SEMrush: do you use it Audrey? I started by using the free version.


Analysis Of Organic Research

Today, given the growth in traffic on #audreytips, it is essential to fine-tune it every day and with precision. So I took out a “GURU” subscription. In my opinion, SEMrush is the most complete tool for natural and paid SEO. In addition, using it for several years, I also confirm that the tool evolves regularly with many new features. In addition to the tool, many help and advice materials are published in French on their blog , but also on their YouTube channel . As a gift, in order to refine your SEO strategy, here are 3 tips for using SEMrush effectively !


To sum up in 3 questions What is SEMrush used for? SEMrush is an online platform to improve your online visibility and discover a lot of data about your online marketing. The tools and reports form a very comprehensive service to analyze and optimize your online presence in the following levers: SEO, Online advertising, keyword research, competitive research, public relations, content marketing … How does SEMrush work? SEMrush collects information from Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Then, the analysis is then based on a proprietary algorithm.


Last question about SEMrush: do you use it Audrey?

This is how SEMrush gives you access to the largest SEO database in the world with 20 billion keywords, 310 million advertisements and 17 billion URLs crawled per day … In addition, you access your own data, but also that of any other website, including your competitors. How to analyze your competitors with SEMrush? The strength of SEMrush is competitive analysis. In concrete terms, it finds websites that rank for keywords similar to yours and estimates the volume of traffic received for the main keywords for each of these sites. And to validate your analysis, you can even analyze the competitors of each of your competitors.

Unless you position yourself in an ultra nested or overly competitive industry, SEO optimization of your online business is essential to its profitability. Although Shopify is now investing more to help its customers improve their SEO, you need to know its flaws in order to stand out in SEO. To help you, I asked Philippe Diamond , digital strategist at Bleu 3 , to share his best tips and tricks with you. Contents [ display ] 1. Start with keyword research The first step in your job is to do keyword research .


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