Indeed, the search results now specify the availability of the products displayed . This new functionality is therefore of great interest to both consumers and marketing professionals. A noticed update Created in 2001, Google Images is today a Antigua and Barbuda Email List search tool used daily by millions of Internet users. However, the Mountain View firm has made few major updates on what is one of its flagship solutions. In the last update, the user experience of Google Images on the computer was thus somewhat redesigned. When the user selects an image, it is now displayed in large size in a side panel located on the right of the screen.

In an instant, the user can thus access various information such as product details, brand, price, customer reviews and availability. Regardless of the terminal used, the enhancement of product availability is precisely an incentive feature when it comes to shopping on the web. The Internet user immediately knows whether the product he is viewing is in stock or not at the merchant concerned. This considerably facilitates his decision-making insofar as he instantly takes cognizance of all the information he may need to finalize his purchase act. Update google image Product availability, an asset for e-commerce sites In a very simple way, an available product has a mention “In stock” written in green color.


Google Images Update Promotes E-commerce

Conversely, a product that is not offered by an e-commerce site displays in red the words “Not available”. With this new feature, Google confirms its intention to promote online commerce. Indeed, Google Images is used in particular by consumers who search for products on the Internet. They now have particularly relevant and facilitating purchasing options. It is therefore in the interests of marketers to embrace this new functionality. Optimizing the images displayed in Google therefore becomes a major lever for developing turnover. In conclusion, Google continues to show its commitment to online commerce. The features offered by the American giant are already essential for marketing professionals.


The display of product availability is the best example of this, and more should emerge in the coming months. Do not hesitate to contact our consultants who are 100% experts in creating and optimizing your Shopping strategy . ” Free Google Shopping: partnerships planned? To continue on the ” big news ” , Google is currently working on new partnerships with Shopify for more rigorous management of products and inventory, or with Paypal to create a direct link with e-accounts. tradespeople. The goal? Accelerate the deployment of free ads as quickly as possible and guarantee their reliability to offer Internet users the best shopping experience .


Product Availability, An Asset For E-commerce Sites

In general, these are the payment confirmation pages of an online store (payment by check, credit card, transfer, etc.) or the form sending confirmation page. To get the code, you can go through your web agency or generate it directly through your Ads account. Go to “Tools and Analytics at Conversions” and follow Google’s instructions. As for the tracking of online stores, it can be facilitated thanks to the many existing complementary modules. Prestashop allows in particular to manage it directly from the admin.

IN CONCLUSION An SME must plan its sponsored links campaigns as an expense, see a medium / short term investment. Unless you have a very expensive product or service, your campaigns are very likely not to be profitable. Also, using Ads is not always negative. With a site that transforms, you have a good chance of profiting from this solution. The use of Ads is particularly an ideal complement in the case of seasonal activities. The instantaneous side of the system makes it possible to have sales very quickly. For example, a hotel or a campsite with a reservation failure during the summer period would have every interest in investing in Ads.

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