Google launches finalized version of its keyword planning tool What is the Keyword Planner? Google’s Keyword Planner helps you pick the right keywords to show your ads to a relevant audience. What are the benefits of the new version available? In 2018, Google launched the new Keyword Planner – at the same time as the rollout of the new Central African Republic Email List Ads interface – to replace the old tool with the aim of making it more comprehensive and making it easier to navigate. So, following a multitude of changes to the feature set and user experience, the new keyword planning tool is completely successful, according to Google.

This new version now allows you to: Download trend data for individual keywords Use up to 10 similar terms at a time Get more granular ranking from the competition on keyword ideas Save keyword ideas in existing campaigns Get daily budget suggestions in the plan overview Search account status for downloaded keywords Show forecasts for all languages Zoom on the new interface of the keyword planning tool As mentioned before, the layout of the new keyword planner makes it even easier to navigate. Keyword Planner Platform What does not change: You can always select the keyword ideas you want to add to your plan, select the type of match, and then add them to your plan.


What Are The Benefits Of The New Version Available?

What is changing: The plan overview gives an easily understandable report that you can use and share before implementing the new keywords in your account. The overview of your plan changes based on the match types, locations, language, and search networks you selected for your plan. The new version of the Keyword Planner provides a report before users add new keywords to their accounts. Even though there are alternatives to Keyword Planner, after this week Google Keyword Planner will be the only keyword planner for Google.


Creation of ad groups, writing of ads, implementation of ad extensions, ads for mobile and the display network (blog, video platform, messaging …) Monitoring of Google Adwords campaigns (campaign report, adding or removing keywords, optimizations of ads, costs and expenses) On Waze: Creation of different points of sale; Creation of advertisements and geographic targeting; Monitoring and optimization of campaigns; Thanks to continuous performance monitoring, this digital strategy is constantly adapting to the group’s commercial challenges. At the same time, the agency optimizes digital advertising campaigns by producing new ads and modulating targets according to the highlights.


Zoom On The New Interface Of The Keyword Planning Tool

THE RESULTS OBTAINED AFTER 6 MONTHS Over the first 6 months of support by ID Interactive, we provide you with some key indicators below: + 60.82%: increase in the audience of concession websites; + 21.73%: growth of Honda Sport Auto communities on Facebook; 298,162 people reached by Facebook advertising campaigns; 1,270,079 views on the Waze network; 85 qualified leads generated for dealership test requests. We would like to thank the Honda Sport Auto group and its managers for the trust placed in our agency as part of its digital development plan.

Here are some tips to increase your chances of reaching position zero: 1 st tip: offer unique content with high added value. This is a sine qua non for good SEO in general. This is even truer to hope to position itself in the featured snippets insert. Your page must also contain at least 950 words. 2 e tip: the chosen keyword should also appear in the header of your page with the answer to the question in a few words (40 to 55 words) . Do not forget to also place your expression in the title tag and in the subheadings (h1, h2, h3, etc.).

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