For some time now, I have noticed a big change in the search results on Google when I search on my mobile. When it comes to places or establishments, some display details that weren’t there before. It took me a few quick searches to put a Nepal Email List to this phenomenon: Google My Business . Contents [ display ] Benefit from local referencing on Google Maps thanks to Google My Business Benefit from local referencing on Google Maps thanks to Google My Business As I told you in my previous posts, the Web never ceases to amaze us.

Looking for a bakery not far from my home open on Sunday afternoons, I open an “OK Google” on my smartphone. To my amazement, some brands display complete information such as: Name, address, telephone number, as well as the opening hours or their specialties. Hungry for information, I immediately send an SMS to Laurent on this subject. As usual, he was unparalleled in precision: Indeed, it is Google’s local SEO tool. Search engine users can then access more in-depth information beyond addresses. For their part, professionals have everything to gain since they benefit from optimized visibility.


Beyond Local Seo On Google Maps, A Real Optimization Of Customer Relations


SEO experts talk about Local SEO (or local SEO) which consists of being ranked well by Google for a search that indicates a geographical location. Note : the area of ​​the Google search engine in which local results are displayed is called the “local pack”. Open your account on Google My Business Open your account on Google My Business As this is a tool provided by Google, you first need a Gmail account. You will tell me that everyone already has a Gmail account to manage YouTube and company. Note : I reassure you right away.


I always come across great people who stick to their Yahoo or Live emails. So if you have a Google Account, please visit the homepage of Google My Business (GMB or for short). As soon as you arrive on the Google My Business login page, you can’t miss the blue “Manage my profile” button at the top right. Then it’s easy, once connected, Google will guide you step by step! You start by entering the name of your company. Google offers you names of establishment that it knows or offers to create it if the name entered is unknown to it. If Google has found your name, claim ownership of the establishment in question.


A Simple, Yet Comprehensive Dashboard

If Google can’t find it, you are not yet listed on Google Maps. Then choose the option “Create an establishment”, then carefully enter your address. Specify if this is the case that you receive customers at your place. Note : if you go to your clients to perform your services (such as a plumber), check the box “I provide goods and services to my clients”. In addition, if it is an address that you do not want to make public, I also advise you to check the “Hide my address” box. In this case, only the region in which your establishment is located is public.

The next step is to validate your address by positioning the cursor on a map. Provide precise and relevant information The next step is to fill in the information about your establishment, starting with your industry. This is a crucial step to be visible to Internet users who will, for example, look for a plumber around their home when they do not yet know the name of your company. Then enter your telephone number, the URL of your website. Then, Google will validate your listing. To ensure that you are the one at the address provided, Google will send you a validation code by mail within 5 days.

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