Use the “Redirection” extension From the left column of your WordPress console, go to: Tools> Redirection How To Clean Your WordPress Tags Go to the bottom of the screen to bring up the “Add new redirection” block. How To Clean Your WordPress Tags Enter the appropriate URLs: Source URL : the source URL is the Serbia Consumer Email List , Target URL : The target URL is “the chosen label”. Then click on “Add Redirect”. It’s as simple as that. Note : the Redirection extension does exist in French. But for some reason that escapes me, it’s in English in my WordPress.

The “Comtesse’s Socks” website does not appear in local results when users search with local intent. Every week, the Community Manager posts useful and informative content. But that content never ranks on the first page of Google. This is why the website receives very little traffic from the search engines. On the other hand, certain contents of their competitors are found on the first page of Google, but with totally different subjects from those published by “the Socks of the Countess”.


How Google Posts Work

And there is no action taken to improve organic search results. The website is not well optimized apart from the home page and a few so called main pages. No Yoast SEO type plugin is installed on WordPress. In addition, SEMrush reveals some technical issues and also reports duplicate content. “The Comtesse’s Socks” have clearly identified their main keywords. But the site ranks at the bottom of page 2 for all of these terms. There is a significant volume of research around the keywords chosen by the “Socks of the Countess”. And their results pages all show snippets in the zero position . In addition, their 2 main competitors are ranked in the top 5. The other pages come from Wikipedia, Amazon and Zalando.


MOZ reveals that, although newer, these websites have a greater authority than “Socks of the Countess”. A priori, these competitors are working on their Natural Referencing. The “Comtesse’s Socks” website generates contacts. But the entrepreneur has no idea which traffic sources work best. Here is the result in the form of a SWOT analysis Identify Your SEO Priorities With A SWOT All of this can be synthesized in the SWOT matrix above. Indeed, here is the information collected. Strengths Recognized expertise, Expert content.


Where Are The Google Posts Displayed?

Weaknesses Weak domain authority, Poor ranking for the main keywords, Site not well optimized, Duplicate content, No SEO extension, no technical optimization, No results for local queries, No conversion tracking on Google Analytics. Opportunities Competitors ranked in the first 5 results on main keywords, Improve the classification of existing useful and informative content, Pace of publication, Try to be present in the Features Snippets on Google, Improve authority with links to useful content. Threat Gap between the main competitors is growing, Organic ranking of less experienced competitors, Increase in authority gap with competitors.

With all this knowledge, it becomes easier to set up an action plan to set yourself apart from your competition. On the same subject : 5 steps to carry out an analysis of your SEO competition Establish the action plan to improve your SEO Establish the action plan to improve your SEO From this SWOT analysis, it is easy to establish an action plan to improve the SEO of your business website. In the example above, the Comtesse’s Socks publishes content and has a website. Good starting point! On the other hand, it is necessary to refine your Natural Referencing with the following actions: Install a yoast style SEO extension to optimize SEO on the pages, Work on the optimization of web pages,

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