With the emergence of Digital Marketing, it has become essential to track your website traffic. This is why Google has set up Google Search Console (GSC), a free and very powerful tool, but often partially or even badly used. I had the Ireland Email List to talk about it with Enrick , our “data” angel at #audreytips who told me: Using the Google Search Console is one of the most effective tools for identifying issues, correcting them, and even uncovering new SEO and click-through rate growth opportunities on Google. After you have assimilated this set of tools, you can use them to your advantage.

All this data will be used to improve your articles, your pages, get more backlinks and better technically optimize your website. And all this for a single goal: to obtain a better ranking in the search results! This is essential, since the more visible your site is on Google, the more organic traffic it will receive. And if your pages are well designed, you will have more conversions. Now, let’s see the possibilities that GSC offers and how to use it to its fullest to make the right decisions around your SEO. Contents [ display ] What is the Google Search Console? What is the Google Search Console?


The Impressions (Number Of Times Our Pages Have Been Displayed On The Screen Of A User)

The Google Search Console primarily allows webmasters to check that their sites are properly indexed by Google. Indeed, the primary goal is to be sure that the world’s leading search engine makes your website and its content available on the web. Nothing is more frustrating than to deliver a website, a blog and not to be referenced, that is to say to be visible to everyone. With this tool, you measure the traffic and performance of your site, but also you get to solve problems and optimize the ranking in the search results. This data is the near real-time health check of your website from Google Doctor. But let’s start with a bit of history. Google has always given its users the ability to analyze their websites for free.


Indeed, the Google Webmasters Tools made it possible to analyze and verify the central aspects of a website. On May 20, 2015 , Webmasters Tools were renamed to “Google Search Console”. Google justifies the name change by the fact that the notion of “webmaster” has become a bit old-fashioned. Be that as it may, the Search Console has above all a more modern and practical ergonomics and regularly receives additional features. The big plus of this development is a much deeper analysis of the performance of search results.


Conclusion On Google Search Console, The Essential Tool To Improve Your Seo

This tool is a definite plus for all entrepreneurs. But Google does not offer this tool for nothing: By optimizing your website, you improve the quality of search results and therefore overall we are making the search engine sustainable, Plus, it’s the only way for Google to contact you if there’s a problem with your site, but also to direct you to where it wants us all to go. Why should every website owner use the Google Search Console? Why should every website owner use the Google Search Console? Google Search Console was created to easily track the performance of your website. Your Google Search Console account gathers valuable information to understand which part of your website is working well and which is not.

This can relate to technical aspects of your website, such as crawling errors that need to be corrected. But it also gives an indication of how much effort should be made on a specific keyword, as your position decreases or the volume of impressions drops. In addition to viewing this type of data, you can be notified by email when new errors are detected by Google. Thus, you are quickly informed of the problems to be solved. This is why any entrepreneur who runs a website must learn how to use it! Are you already using Google Search Console for your website?

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