It’s official: Google Shopping Actions is available in France Last February, we told you about the Shopping Actions beta: a shopping program or marketplace allowing merchants to present their products on various Google platforms. The promise: a seamless shopping experience using a shareable list, universal cart, and instant Australian Email Address with saved payment information. A benefit for the customer, who can easily switch from navigation to purchase. Already available in the United States since March 2018, Shopping Actions by Google was currently in beta test in France since the beginning of the year.

The Google marketplace is now available to all merchants in France. What are the criteria for participating in the Shopping Actions Program? Several criteria must be met by merchants wishing to have access to the Google Program: Provide key information about your business and products in Merchant Center (an invitation is normally sent to begin the acceptance process in Merchant Center if you are eligible for Shopping Actions). Availability and payments in France: you must deliver your packages throughout mainland France and process your orders in France.


It’s Official: Google Shopping Actions Is Available In France

You must accept and pay payments from a French bank account. Meet the data quality criteria: your product data must be submitted to Shopping Actions France data quality tests and be validated. Observe Return Procedures: You must accept returns for at least 14 days after delivery. Meet delivery requirements: You must deliver within 5 working days of receipt of the order. You should not charge the restocking fee. You should not use special shipping services (such as scheduled or freight delivery services) for items in your inventory that you intend to sell through Shopping Actions. Observe all other Shopping Actions Rules.


Comply with all other Shopping Ads rules: In order to participate in Shopping Actions, merchants must comply with the Shopping Rules with a Shopping account in good standing and with products that are doing well. Interested? Registration link . Do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants to support you in your digital strategy via Google’s Shopping Actions program. Helping to make websites smarter, this is the cause that micro-interactions serve. They engage users by providing them with subtle information about their use of a platform and the actions they take on it. In 2019, these animations still have as much impact


What Are The Criteria For Participating In The Shopping Actions Program?

And will be used more and more to attract the attention of users, make their navigation more fluid, guide them throughout their journey, entertain them during a loading time … Supporting your web pages with micro-interactions allows you to develop your brand universes and support your storytelling. In 2019, adapt to this trend to bring your site to life and mark the minds of your online visitors. For the presentation of a concept or product, favor light explanatory animations, and remember to animate your page transitions to retain the visitor when the page loads, are all tips to allow you to seduce Internet users.

In general, if you succeed in moving your Internet users from the status of passive spectator to that of actor, the bet will be successful. 2019 is democratizing micro-interactions, we are seeing more and more of them, and this is only the beginning. They will be more and more interactive, each of the actions of the user on a website will trigger an apparent animation. See them as a reward for engaged visitors, which will improve their user experience. Whether it’s the animated buttons when the mouse hovers over them, the hamburger menus that transform to entice users to click, or many other micro-interactions, they are not ready to disappear, especially since they are now compatible with all browsers!

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