This feature will allow retailers to display customer photos in reviews within Google Shopping ads. The functionality is currently available for a limited number of retailers. Google Shopping reviews can be accessed from the “See more” option on mobile Shopping ads or by clicking on the ratings represented by stars in a result. Pictures of integrated Argentina Email Address view within themselves constitute a step towards ‘ inclusion of more user-generated content ( UGC ) in order to inform other users while they do the shopping on the Internet via Google Search.

This is because user-generated content can add an element of authenticity and credibility to retailers’ Shopping Ads. Today, it is still too early to have any idea of ​​the exact statistical impact of the use of customer photos in reviews by advertisers in Shopping Ads. What are the benefits of having customer photos in reviews? The “Photos in reviews” feature will allow advertisers to benefit from the support of customer reviews by integrating photos in situ and, ultimately , arouse user interest in Shopping ads. With this functionality, retailers will be able to: Improve the click-through rate (CTR) of their Shopping ads.


Google Shopping: New “Photos In Reviews” Feature

77% of shoppers believe that authentic photos taken by customers are more influential in their buying decisions than professional photos of brands. While qualitative and showcasing the product, embedding photos in customer reviews will grab attention and get people to click through to visit your site, and make the purchase. Attract high-intention buyers: Customers who search for your product on Google already have a clear idea of ​​what they’re looking for. Incorporating customer photos into Google Shopping ad reviews will only strengthen their need by further inspiring them to actually make the purchase. Customer sharing of photos is powerful social proof that will help turn intentionists into buyers, even faster.


This is because customer photos will inspire and entice future buyers to buy before they even click on your site, maximizing the return on ad spend and lowering CPAs. Benefit from a partnership: Yotpo is one of the partners of Google who can provide this new functionality. Brands using Yotpo will be among the first to be able to display photos in Shopping Ads. A godsend for all brands wishing to offer an optimal and completely transparent visual shopping experience to Internet users who will be able to buy in full knowledge of the facts.


What Are The Benefits Of Having Customer Photos In Reviews?

Brands using the “Photos in reviews” feature will thus be able to benefit from a certain head start over the competition. Photo reviews How does it work ? On the customer side The “Photos in Reviews” feature allows customers to easily submit photos when they leave reviews for a branded product following a purchase. The option will be optional, the user can simply decide to leave a review without including photos. You should know that enthusiastic customers are often more than happy to show their last purchase via one or more photos, as demonstrated by the explosion of this typology of publications on social networks.

Customers will be able to upload a photo when writing their review following receipt of an ordered product. The goal: to show other buyers what the product looks like in real life, with a non-promotional photo. On the retail side In order for retailers to be eligible to display customer photos, they will need to work with one of the third-party customer review platforms. Review platforms participating in this program include Yotpo , PowerReviews , Bazaarvoice, and Influenster . Remember that when a customer chooses to upload a photo with their review, it will automatically be sent to Google for inclusion in Shopping ads. There is no additional action to be taken on the part of the advertiser.

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