Google is once again very attentive to the new consumption habits of Internet users to allow advertisers and retailers to meet their expectations precisely. For this, the giant recently launched Shopping Showcase Video Ads & Shoppable Image Ads. With the holiday season in full swing, the arrival of the two new Google ad formats available to Barbados Email List and retailers as part of Google Shopping ads couldn’t be better. On the one hand, Shopping Showcase Video Ads allow the addition of video; on the other hand, Shoppable Image Ads allow the integration of similar products into shopping ads.

Explanations. Showcase ads: the power of video to serve your ads Launched in 2017, the Showcase format initially made it possible to group associated products from your catalog, under a single Shopping ad. As part of his research, the Internet user therefore had an overview of the availability of several of your products. The particularity of this type of ad? A “showroom” display that allows you to significantly differentiate yourself from the competition thanks to the originality of your offer, thus encouraging the user to choose you. Also, since their launch, showcase ads have provided access to a page offering promotions, descriptions and products directly from your feed, and generally displayed following a search on a brand or on more general queries.


Showcase Ads: The Power Of Video To Serve Your Ads

Recently, Google has developed the Showcase format to allow advertisers and retailers to respond to the new consumption habits of Internet users, who are very receptive to the video format in advertisements. From now on, it is possible to integrate a video in the campaigns in addition to the images. The goal? Reinforce the impact of showcase ads through a more immersive experience for potential buyers to help them engage more meaningfully with the products offered. The result is therefore an improvement in commercial performance and the engagement rate generated by the video format.


Video showcase announcements – ORIXA MEDIA Still doubting the showcase format? Known as a premium format, Showcase placements have 3.6x above-average conversion rates, and enjoy 20% more conversion credit. In addition, on the user side, 90% of them say they discover new products via YouTube, and 2 in 3 confirm that they take these products into account when they want to buy quickly. Note: today, the format is available from around 100 advertisers only (US, UK, France and Germany). Shoppable ads: the image as the engine of your ads Another trend is the amount of time people spend on Google Image Search when looking for inspiration for an upcoming purchase.


Shoppable Ads: The Image As The Engine Of Your Ads

According to studies carried out by Google during the holiday season, it has been found that more than a third of buyers seek visual content for inspiration, even before going to a store or an e-commerce site. The image therefore has a growing impact in the act of purchase that should not be neglected, and this is explained by the preponderant interest of Internet users for attractive images, in particular very present on social networks like Instagram. Shoppable Showcases Ads Currently in the testing phase, this new advertising format makes it possible to integrate an advertisement, accompanied by a carousel of images, within content published on a third-party site.

Advertisers and retailers therefore now have the option of serving Shopping ads tagged on images published on partner sites of Google and Google Images. Thus, Internet users interested in a product can proceed to its purchase in a few clicks. Note: other parallel trials are underway on this format. The goal? Extend this functionality to Image Searches in order to showcase products similar to the original search. In both cases, the products are displayed with their price, the mention “sponsored” and a white label icon. At the moment, the Shoppable format is reserved for a few publishers only. However, it should quickly be offered to professionals and see its impression volumes grow.

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