New design of Google search results What is changing? Google presents the new design of the search results: the logo of the brands will now be displayed in the SERPs. New design of search results On the left, the search results as they Cayman Islands Email Addresses  offered; on the right, as they are now displayed. The website name, breadcrumbs or URL are offered first These elements are now displayed in black A favicon makes it easier to locate the website. For advertisements, Google displays “Ad”, in black, instead of the favicon The title of the web page is displayed below the website name This new design will first be deployed on mobile, in the coming days. What interest for brands?

The interest of this new design: to allow brands to be better valued and more visible to Internet users, thanks to the appearance of the website favicon. Sponsored results are increasingly confused with natural results. Concretely, this new design of search results is interesting for at least two reasons: Users will be able to spot trusted sites more easily Brands will be able to take advantage of research to improve their notoriety Note: the Mountain View firm indicates that the favicon will be updated each time the home page is crawled.


How To Display My Favicon On Google Search Results?

How to display my favicon on Google search results? Here are Google’s guidelines for displaying your favicon in the SERPs : Exploration: The file and the home page can be crawled by Google. Content: The favicon must represent the brand. Icons deemed inappropriate (pornography, hate symbols, etc.) will be replaced automatically by a standard favicon. Size of the favicon: the size of the favicon must be a multiple of a square of 48 pixels  or in SVG (no specific size). Google will automatically resize the favicon format to 16 × 16. Favicon URL: The favicon URL should not change frequently. However, if you have a problem: Google help pages .


The difference between sponsored results and natural results Regarding sponsored results, Google specifies: “when you are looking for a product or a service and we have a useful advertisement to show you, you will see a bold label at the beginning of the map, next to the website address, so that you can quickly identify where the information is coming from ” . By comparing the design of the sponsored results before and after, we notice that the “Ad” label completely blends into the search results (we can expect an “Advert” label for France, even if this does not have further clarified). Now, the “Ad” tag can be confused with the favicon of websites, when before, the label had a unique design on the page. Observation: Google wants to strengthen its sponsored results, to the detriment of information to Internet users.


The difference between sponsored results and natural results

Since the launch of advertisements on Google, the strength of the label to identify that the result is sponsored has continued to decrease. What will be the impact of this new design on the perception of Internet users? Case to follow. THE SOLUTIONS OFFERED BY THE AGENCY The ID Interactive agency has proposed a first strategic phase of 6 months to allow Honda Sport Auto to achieve its objectives along three axes: On Facebook : Optimization of the existing Facebook pages of the concessions to improve the fan experience (rewriting of content, implementation of Call-to-Action button).

Establishment of a Business Manager for centralized page management; the definition and publication of content adapted to targets by type of vehicle; The implementation of targeted advertisements by criterion (geographic, age, interests, etc.); Implementation of retargeting campaign (implementation of the Facebook pixel on websites); Implementation of form generation campaign (lead Ads); Scaling and downscaling of advertising campaigns (ROI optimization) On Google Ads: Study of competitors’ Google Ads campaigns; Choice of target landing pages, implementation of conversion objectives; Determination of the SEA strategy (choice of keywords, budget, etc.).


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