Do you know how local SEO has grown in popularity in recent years? It all started on February 27, 2012, this date may not ring a bell. But it’s the arrival of Google Venice : a historic day for Digital Marketing and local SEO. Google Venice is an update of Google’s search engine algorithm. This FIJI EMAIL LIST and the changes that have come with it are a direct response to the growing role of mobile devices in our daily lives. Joshua Schofield , Content Marketing Manager at rankingCoach , will describe in this article the consequences of this update and explain the importance of local SEO for a company that receives these customers on its premises.

First of all, the adoption of mobiles is not about to stop since nearly 45% of French Internet users use their smartphone to surf the Internet (source statcounter ). nearly 45% of French Internet users use their smartphone to surf the Internet (source statcounter) Cell phones have: Put the Internet in the hands of billions of people, And also created a new synergy between the geolocation systems of smartphones and the broadband network.


The Power Of Google Maps

With its Venice update, Google has sought to integrate this synergy into the functioning of its search engine . This is why Google Venice has completely overturned the standards of Digital Marketing by: By encouraging the creation of new SEO strategies , And by putting online directories at the center of this attention. The change was such that Google decided in June 2014 to create its own online directory: Google My Business . In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know about local SEO and online directories. Contents [ display ] Local SEO or Local SEO Local SEO or Local SEO Google Venice has changed the way Google displays its results.


The search engine now gives priority to relevant results, according to it, and according to the geolocation of the Internet user . In fact, Google now places more importance than ever on the geographic location of businesses. This is why local SEO has become essential as soon as you receive your customers on your premises. If you type in your search bar “Pizzeria nearby”, you will get the list of restaurants that are located in your neighborhood or city. Among all these results, you find a mix of small, medium and large companies , which was not the case before.


And Concretely, What Does Local Seo Mean For Your Business?

Indeed, the Google Venice update and the importance it gave to geolocation changed the balance of power between small and large businesses. From now on, Google gives the advantage to physical companies which manage to demonstrate through their online presence that they are well located near the Internet user who makes a search. This gives businesses with a good local presence the opportunity to achieve good positions on the search engine results pages . This local anchoring is obtained thanks to your backlinks, your content and the customer opinions collected.

As time went by, this phenomenon was accentuated and a term had to be found to describe it. This is how the notion of “ local referencing ” was born. Local SEO has today become a powerful weapon for entrepreneurs. Thanks to SEO tools that integrate local SEO, such as rankingCoach, local businesses are succeeding in gaining a place on the first page of Google, a territory that was once exclusively reserved for large multinationals . Online maps – Google Maps Online maps – Google Maps Online card adoption This paradigm shift has also had consequences on our daily lives and our research habits.


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