Its operation is simple: Start typing your query in the Google search bar to see a list of related terms displayed, You just have to make your selection of long tail expression that you want to remember. And since Google suggests what people are Trinidad and Tobago Email List for from the start of their query, you’re sure to find keywords that people are looking for. Google PAA – the other questions asked Google PAA – the other questions asked to find the keywords that Internet users are looking for The “Other questions asked” section (or PAA for “People Also Ask”) is another free service offered by Google to help Internet users refine their query. With this functionality, Google wants to position itself as a response engine.

For you, this is a very effective feature for finding keywords that people are looking for. To do this, after typing your target keyword in the Google search box, scroll down the page a little to see the other questions that Internet users are asking on the topic. It is a very reliable source for establishing a content plan or for writing a series of content to answer all the questions that Internet users have. Google Related Searches Finding the keywords people are looking for – Google Related Searches Google also offers a section at the bottom of the search results page a section called “Related Searches”.


What Exactly Is Google’s Algorithm?

This time, it is not a question of listing the questions that Internet users are asking, but the subjects related to the query you have typed. If you scroll to the bottom of the search results, you will receive up to 8 suggested content related to your search. Google Trends As the name suggests, on Google Trends , you see Internet search trends. So you can search for specific keywords and compare them very easily: Enter your query in the search bar at the top, Click on compare, then enter your second query, Change the date range if necessary.



Google Trends also allows you to search for data based on countries and related keywords which will help you define your SEO strategy. Google Trends helps to better understand search behavior. The tool provides real-time data that helps SEO specialists understand keyword trends or find related ideas. In addition, Google Trends provides a history to analyze the seasonality of a keyword, filter according to a geographical area and offers the possibility to compare different terms between them. Of course, there are many other Google tools like Google News, Google Alerts, the Google Ads keyword planner to find keyword ideas that people are looking for.

A Secret Algorithm That Gives Birth To Natural Referencing (Seo)


Audrey: Thanks Valentin for this list of tools to find keyword ideas for your web content. Allow me to add that all these tools do not prevent you from properly defining your personas upstream to be sure to reach your target. Conclusion on how to identify the keywords that Internet users are looking for So we just saw 12 tools that will help you with your keyword research or SEO content. This list is of course not exhaustive. I didn’t count them, but there must be hundreds. We have to make a choice.

I could also have listed which has the merit of being free and being able to search for keywords by platform like YouTube, Bing, PlayStore, alibaba to name a few. Obviously, it is out of the question to use all these tools permanently, if only for a question of budget. So, if you are a beginner, especially use all the means offered by Google. Then choose one or 2 specialized tools… At #audreytips, our daily tool is SEMrush. On the other hand, as you do not know how exactly the tool you have chosen works … I advise you to run the other tools on this list to check that the tool you have chosen is still the best. Regardless, the key to successful SEO is focusing on the right keywords your users are looking for.

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