Pointing toward shorter podcasts for a  Sweden Phone Number while now.The rise of wireless headphones and earphones streaming and smart speakers. listening to music and podcasts easier than ever. Even if you are waiting Sweden Phone Number somewhere. “Casual audio consumption” is on the rise, according to Zack Reneau-Wedeen of Google Podcasts . With the rise of wireless headphones and connected Sweden Phone Number speakers, listening Sweden Phone Number is more frictionless than ever, even outside the car. As a result we will see more casual audio consumption and content creation, including shorter-form content that’s easy to consume while running a quick errand or waiting in line.  Zack Reneau-Wedeen Founder and Head of Product  Google Podcasts.

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Network writes in the same trend Sweden Phone Number article: as personalized streams become more popular, it becomes interesting for creators to focus on ‘atomized content’. Different types and shapes of podcasts to listen to when you brush Sweden Phone Number your teeth, travel to work, and when you go to sleep. Woman listens podcast in bus. Spotify is shaking up the podcast world In the trend predictions ( see also this article ), Spotify Sweden Phone Number is regularly cited as an important disruptor in the podcast world, and as a driver for the microcast. In June this year, the company launched the new personal playlist ‘Your Daily Drive’. This is still aimed at.

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Can already find your own personal Sweden Phone Number list. This playlist is about an hour and a half long and consists. Of music and podcasts, most of which are short. A long podcast of an hour does not fit well into such a list. An example of Sweden Phone Number a podcast that cleverly taps into Spotify’s hunger for shorter podcasts is Gimlet. In addition to the podcast series ‘Science Vs’, Gimlet (now part of Spotify.  Now also publishes ‘Shots Sweden Phone Number of Science Vs’. This microcast contains summaries of the original podcasts and is often only 7 minutes long. Also read podcasts about marketing, social media & personal development Everyone.

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