Watch out for the Flash Finally, the use of certain technologies should be banned, in particular Flash. Although widely used to generate multimedia files, Adobe’s Flash format is not at all suitable for SEO. Indeed, Flash files are well indexed French Guiana Email List . But they are not read by the robot, which leads to a significant loss of information that is a priori useful for your SEO. On the same subject : The 3 strategic objectives of SEO 3. Because you have to think performance before design Because you have to think performance before design Natural referencing makes it possible to position your site on search engines.

This positioning allows to acquire more traffic. The main purpose of your website is to acquire traffic to generate leads. Therefore, you will understand that to have a website with a lot of visitors, it is imperative to have an SEO strategy. This means that you need to invest in SEO before you design your new website. You can have the most beautiful website in the world, if it is positioned on page eight of Google, it will be invisible to your target prospects. The design and ergonomics of a site are at the service of the user experience while SEO allows Internet users to access this user experience.


How Will The Use Of This Ai Change Our Way Of Producing Content?

The goal is therefore to reconcile the 2. A well referenced site with a modern design will have a very big impact. Here is a project that our web agency, Askin, managed with both design and SEO in mind, the example of the redesign of the Sovitrat Group’s website and its SEO . 4. Because neglecting your SEO is endangering your business Because neglecting your SEO is endangering your business The title may seem alarming but the stakes are very real. A website redesign, without thinking about its natural referencing, can cause many problems and weaken your business.


Don’t lose anything from your old site First of all, you may observe a loss of confidence from your Internet users due to the disappearance of pages. Indeed, if you neglect to reintegrate all of your news for example, you will therefore lose a precious history to reassure your readers. So think about recovering the pages of your old site so as not to risk upsetting your user journey and your traffic acquisition. You may also lose positions on the search engines. Indeed, if you lose your previous pages, the content of your site is depleted. Therefore the referencing of the site is affected. As you can see, a website redesign can quickly snowball into SEO. Think carefully about meta tags Think carefully about meta tags Also watch out for meta tags on your business website.


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For example if you have a news page or even a blog with many articles and you want to transfer them to your new site, remember to retrieve the “title” and “meta description” tags for each of your articles. These 2 elements of HTML codes are essential for SEO on the internet in order to position yourself on many keywords. If during your business website redesign you delete some pages or rename others, the URLs will change. So don’t forget to perform what Digital Marketing experts call a 301 redirect. This process allows you to keep the referencing acquired by your old page and to transfer it to the new one, within the framework of a renamed page or moved in the tree structure.

When a page disappears, it avoids having 404 errors and losing the effect of broken links pointing to your site. It is therefore very important to carry out this definitive redirection (unlike the 302 which is temporary). To do this, use the WordPress ” redirection ” extension . If you do the redesign without thinking about it, your SEO for those pages will be like reset for Google. Watch out for duplicate content on your new site, not yet in production! Another problem that can arise is indexing your preproduction redesign site before deleting your old website. Let’s take an example.

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