12 2019 A new expertise joins MV Group:  Armenia WhatsApp Number List  audiovisual consulting! With Graphisweet, an audiovisual consulting agency, the group has acquired expertise in consulting and producing audiovisual content. It is the subsidiary in media & digital strategy of MV Group, GoodBuy media , which signs this takeover. A strategic merger which allows complementarity to the expertise of GoodBuy media and which completes the unique digital recipe for MV Group customers. We invite you to discover the talents of Graphisweet in this article! A COMPLEMENTARITY OF THE GROUP’S EXPERTISE AT THE SERVICE OF COMPANIES This merger allows MV Group to complete its data

Webmarketing and media offer with an audiovisual consulting component. Graphisweet’s range of expertise is wide and adapted to the communication needs of companies: Advertising films, Motion design, 2D / 3D, Product films, Web series, Employer brand videos, Corporate films, But also the creation of websites serving video … These services naturally increase the group’s value proposition for its customers in terms of digital strategy . And how better to illustrate the know-how of Graphisweet than by video? Discover here the range of the different productions of the agency: Olivier Méril, Chairman of MV Group is pleased with “ the arrival of Graphisweet in the group and the new solutions which are now provided to our customers. Video is a medium which is developing strongly and which meets many business needs.

A Complementarity

This new expertise is the 14th pole of expertise of MV Group, which makes it possible to complete our solution on the market . ” A conclusion that speaks volumes about the group’s determination to satisfy its customers and offer them support throughout the customer journey, through all possible types of media., because it allowed me to discover how a well-oriented team can turn around for the worse at the job level but especially in the isolation of the manager. These moments were terrible, but in the end gave me an incredible number of keys in my years as a manager . Over the months, the situation “normalizes” we learn to “tame” through exchanges and dialogue and adjustment. And finally it is thanks to her


Fabienne (now deceased) that I owe the fact of becoming an agency manager at 25 years old. She brought a lot, especially in terms of professionalism and rigor. MV Group employee in profile, close-up October 1996, Saint-Nazaire Appointed quickly and after only one day of training devoted to management, I was asked to take over the Saint-Nazaire agency, the only Precom agency that was not functioning at the time. I went back to the top to take up this new challenge, which I had been waiting for for so long. I try to do everything, to be everywhere, to be the “super man”, I am not having fun, even worse. Every night I say to my wife, “it’s not the job I want to do, before I was in trouble,

Expertise At The Service Of Companies

now I have everyone’s pissing off.” It took me 1 year to really become a manager and start to have fun and learn from my beginner mistakes. It was during this period that I recruited Michel Brebion in sales and with whom I am now associated in Winbound, the Inbound Marketing agency . And also Lina Poizeau who goes through the integration agency to become a salesperson and who is today Director of Human Capital MV Group. Winbound window sticker Over the years, the pleasure is there, the commercial performance too, we make a real little “laboratory” of working methods. These years have finally given me the basics and the keys to management, giving me our two children at the same time.

It was during these years that Fabienne (my former boss) involuntarily offered me a beautiful gift, that of self-confidence and of removing our own limits. While I explained to her, that for me, I was at the peak of my career, compared to my level of studies, I could not take a larger agency, she explains to me that it is bullshit . It is the capacity to learn that counts and the will to progress that pushes its own limits. She said to me “you don’t realize the potential you have by continuing like this”. From this discussion, one of my obstacles jumped out on its own: not to limit yourself but to do things the best, and the opportunities present themselves. January 2001, Vannes The first of these was the proposal to take over the Vannes agency.

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