Friday October 11, 5:44 am – It is still  Belarus WhatsApp Number List  dark when the Rennes teams meet in front of the MV Group headquarters in Rennes. Two out of three coaches expected are parked in the parking lot. The third will arrive 45 minutes late! But it is not this small setback that destabilizes the MV Group team. It was barely later in the morning when the Nantes teams also left their brand new premises to reach the destination of the seminar. From France: Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Lille, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nice, Rennes, Nantes and Tours, the 244 talents of MV Group meet at Beauval ZooParc for a pandamirable seminar weekend. It’s time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Mediaveille

but also the 10th anniversary of MV Group! Twice a year, MV Group organizes a seminar for its employees, either in conference format or in team building format over several days, as is the case for this seminar. We tell you about the highlights of these pandagruesque days ! 10 years in 10 minutes! 10:30 am – The teams are all gathered at the Pagodes de Beauval, the hotel a few hundred meters from the ZooParc of the same name. The weekend starts here and all the teams are happy to meet again. For once, the Touraine team did not have to get up at dawn, the place of the seminar is located 50 minutes from Tours

10 Years In 10 Minutes!

In the seminar room, darkness reigns … Background music echoes softly, while the team settles down. A 240-second countdown video is projected on a giant screen, it looks back on the towns where the group is located, none is left out, a unifying feeling begins to emerge. Three, two, one, zero… The first notes of Bohemian Rhapsody are heard. The film continues and returns in 10 minutes on a retrospective of the last 20 years of the group, with a focus on the last 10, since the takeover of Mediaveille by Olivier Méril in 2009. This is followed by the major steps taken year by year by the group, the faces of the oldest employees shine on the screen, smiles, funny situations, good times are traced.


e more we advance in time and the more people represented, the other subsidiaries of MV Group join the history of the group: KPI Advance , GoodBuy media , Winbound , Scoor , Avanci , Stage301, the team grows, the smiles remain… A moving video to open this seminar, under the sign of the gathering! A magical morning ???? Following this retrospective, a series of short videos are linked and give the floor to the directors of the subsidiaries and a few employees of the group for an explanation of their specialty and a focus on the new products to come. We continue with the intervention of Olivier Méril, President of the group, who speaks for the traditional eco section. Return on the figures of each subsidiary in full transparency!

A Magical Morning ????

He announces the changes to come: we look back on the progress of the Waouh 2023 plan presented last April and an announcement of retirement that moves the audience. P1100184 A few minutes later, Marc Levin, MV Group Expertise Director, joined Olivier Méril on stage to present the new organization of Mediaveille! But, to everyone’s surprise, Marc and Olivier ask Benoît to join them on stage. But who is Benoît? The MV Group team barely has time to ask the question when the answer appears to it. He is a mentalist magician who will punctuate the interventions throughout the day with tricks, each more confusing and impressive than the next! Benoit asks for the participation of the collaborators of the group

, some go on stage and participate in acts that defy the laws of logic. Definitely, the MV Group seminars are real shows and do not allow you to get bored!” are often brakes to change, because change means redistributing the cards and therefore putting other people under the “Sunlights”. We will prefer to explain that we must not change, that it is not necessary, that we must take the time to think, not to rush etc. Loss of skills : without going back to the general decrease in team motivation, it is the talents who will leave, because they want to advance the subjects, fully realize that everything is locked and do not want to fight against that, because the fight is lost in advance and above all they fuel on something other than the ego: meaning .

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