Google announces the release of a new tool available for e-Commerce sites Google recently launched a new tool to help e-merchants improve their online and omnichannel customer experience. Why this new tool? A simple observation: Users are more Canada Email Address List more demanding about the information and services made available by companies on the web European e-merchants have certain difficulties in meeting these expectations The websites of online and multi-channel e-merchants should be a priority number 1. In fact, 90% of EMEA shoppers who visited a store said they used online research before going to a physical store.

Despite growing customer expectations, many e-merchants in EMEA fail to deliver a 100% optimal experience, with 23% not posting any contact information about their store through their website. Grow My Store: what are the benefits? The benefits from the point of view of e-merchants Grow My Store rates the websites of e-merchants and generates tailored reports containing recommendations to help them improve the online experience they offer to their prospects and customers, and thus help them to develop their business.


The Benefits From The Point Of View Of E-merchants

Fionnuala Meehan, Vice President EMEA of Google Customer Solutions, said, “For retailers of all sizes, their website is their digital flagship store. Google therefore wants to help them make their online and omnichannel customer experience as attractive as possible. That’s why we’ve developed a tool that brings all of this valuable information together in one place, then uses that information to create personalized recommendations for retailers that provide clear advice and support. ” Concretely, the Grow My Store tool will test the performance of your site on the most important criteria in the eyes of consumers: Ease of returning products The payment methods available The loading time of your site, etc.


It also includes a full report sent by email containing a list of areas for improvement. The benefits from the point of view of users Thanks to the Grow My Store tool, users benefit from: clear pricing more intuitive navigation personalization of the buyer experience providing live chat support checking the site’s compatibility with mobile devices Grow My Store will also direct users to relevant Google products and services that can take their intentions to the next phase of growth. What are the evaluation criteria? Grow My Store rates e-merchants against up to 22 metrics based on in-depth customer experience best practice studies. Take a step-by-step guide to the tool, then test it out here .


The Benefits From The Point Of View Of Users

To attract their favor, automotive digital marketing is developing an approach that aims to inform Internet users but also to get them to think about a vehicle purchase. For this, more and more attractive means are being implemented. The Peugeot brand is a pioneer in mobile services integrated into the websites of its dealers. Over the years, she has developed a range of tools with a direct impact on sales that local dealerships can learn from. For example, the mobile strategy of car dealerships must use appropriate and effective call-to-action buttons.

They will make it possible to generate a greater number of visits to physical sales areas. The functions of locating brands and making an appointment with a salesperson are essential. Internet users must also be able to reserve a vehicle online for a test session. If adding to a newsletter and a contact form are still wise, a function allowing the dealer to call back the customer at the time of his choice offers superior results in terms of sales. For dealers, the observation is clear: a relevant automotive internet strategy is a set of processes that promotes decision-making and the purchase of a vehicle.

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