The principle of guest blogging is very simple: a blogger writes an article on another site (called a guest article), and the article in question contains a link to his site. For the guest blogger, this is one of the best ways to promote themselves… and get Canada WhatsApp Number List backlinks ! And you are surely aware that backlinks that link to your site are an important factor for your SEO. Webmarketing training For the other site, this is a great way to post quality content that will bring traffic to it. In this article, we will see how to use the guest blogging strategy to promote your blog and improve its SEO.

FIND SITES THAT ALREADY PRACTICE GUEST BLOGGING The first step to writing a guest article … is already to find a site that will accept your article! If you contact a site that has never published guest articles before, your chances of success are low… Why would the site in question change its habits? On the contrary, if you contact sites that have already accepted guest articles… your chances of success will be much higher! You can use 2 methods to easily find sites that accept guest posts. The first method is to analyze the backlinks of competitors .


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Use a tool like Ahrefs Backlink Checker . Enter the URL of a competing site, and the tool will give you the links pointing to that site. Search carefully, and you may find guest articles among these links. It is thanks to this method that I was able to write some guest articles for my blog for law students . The second method is to use a small command directly in Google. Type: “Guest articles” OR “guest article” OR “submit an article” OR “submit an article” OR “publish an article” OR “publish an article” OR “guest blogging” OR “become a writer” OR “become a writer” + the keyword of your theme.

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For example : “Guest articles” OR “guest article” OR “submit an article” OR “submit an article” OR “publish an article” OR “publish an article” OR “guest blogging” OR “become a writer” OR “become a writer” + bodybuilding This command will ask Google to find you all the sites that accept guest articles in your theme (such as bodybuilding). Once you’ve found a site that accepts guest posts, there are a few more things you should check before contacting that site.


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APPROACH AUTHORITY SITES IN YOUR TOPIC First, it must be clarified: you must avoid writing guest articles on sites that have nothing to do with your theme. If you have a cooking blog and you write a blog post about photography, Google isn’t going to appreciate more than that. To obtain a quality backlink, to which Google will give value, it is therefore better to write your articles on sites of your theme. However, you can deviate a little from your theme … as long as it remains relevant!

For example, for my blog for law students, I wrote a guest article on a very general site, which talks about orientation, employment… and which also contains a section on studies, with many articles! Admittedly, this is not a site specifically on law studies, but there was nevertheless a link with my theme. Writing a guest article on this site therefore made sense. In the end, Google seems to have enjoyed this guest post, since my blog traffic had increased by 100 visitors per day a few weeks after the post was published: Impact of the guest article on my traffic Then, the ideal is to publish your guest articles on authority sites .

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