Managers within organizations often Uruguay Phone Number underestimate the major impact they have and can have. Empathy is key When I analyzed a large number of speeches from leaders who addressed their staff in recent times, the directive Uruguay Phone Number nature came to the fore. Let’s get straight to the point about the impact of the crisis and what measures will be taken. The leaders who stand head and shoulders and positively above that? That’s people like Marriot CEO Arne Sorenson , who started by showing his ability to empathize.

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Starting to show compassion for Uruguay Phone Number all his colleagues who are at home in fear and who may have already seen people get sick or die in their (immediate) environment. In my opinion, this is where you really separate the wheat from the chaff. The leaders of the losers. In addition to the business side of the story, also clearly show empathy Uruguay Phone Number for the personal situation of employees. Make them feel like you see them as part of the solution, rather than the problem. That it is the heroes with whom you tackle the crisis. And that you understand that remotely in a home situation sometimes goes differently than you expect at the office.

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Dream If You Know Uruguay Phone Number

This is something leaders often don’t do Uruguay Phone Number by default, but it can turn employee frustration and lost hope into regained confidence and combativeness. Unless time difference is an obstacle, I always recommend Uruguay Phone Number speaking live. This instead of recording a message, as that comes across many times more authentic. Although I advised in a previous article to turn off the camera by default, when showing empathy, ‘rich media’ (video, audio) is essential. Also read: Jan Tjerk Boonstra.

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