A structure with constant Ghana Phone Number repetition of ‘what happens now’ and ‘what if’. Research shows that working with Ghana Phone Number contrasts stimulates the brain and stimulates to keep focusing on your story. Other greats such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk also regularly use this technique. The strategic use of metaphors, from anecdotes at work to Ghana Phone Number fragments from films, to give the story even more power. And above all to clarify. Repeating key points several times, 3 to 5 times.

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Communication is conversation Ghana Phone Number McKinsey to Simon Sinek , but also many studies , show that you can still have such a beautiful and well-executed dream. But if you don’t provide interaction and a listening ear, that dream will still fall apart. Unfortunately I still see it too often, an announcement is made quickly and because of Ghana Phone Number the time a handful of questions are answered ‘quickly’ from the chat box. After that, everyone Ghana Phone Number quickly logs in to a new meeting. The biggest reason for employees not to cooperate with change in the organization is because they don’t feel heard.

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Every change requires something Ghana Phone Number from entrepreneurs. Whether it’s time, responsibility, comfort or control, not being open to questions and concerns about it really kills the conversation in my opinion. Digital creates challenges to properly streamline this conversation, but on the other hand it also creates many more opportunities. Several examples from companies such as Deloitte, ING and Heineken show that Ghana Phone Number the digital ‘town halls’ on the one hand provide a larger and better dialogue. And therefore also for more understanding and involvement.

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