It is essential to define a content strategy and to monitor its effectiveness. My advice : on your corporate blog, give expert advice in your chosen field. Thus, you will build your influence in order to win new customers. 3. Earn links Montenegro Email List high quality inbound links from websites and pages with high authority scores is essential in building your domain authority. Experts talk about Off Page SEO . Here are a few keys to success to be followed scrupulously: Check that the pages of your site are all linked and optimized each time for specific and unique words.

The internal mesh also plays on the DA, Publish a blog as an ‘ invited to have quality links pointing to your site, T RAVAILLE z popularity of your site . Put links to your social networks and links from your social networks to your site, Warning your links that point to the sites very rich or penalized or banned content , it will be harmful for your immediate indication of authority, Also check the quality of your links , that it does not have broken links, page errors and non-existent pages thanks to Search Console.


Do Not Use Conditional!

Also check the quality of your links Note : finally know that the age of a domain name is important (even if this importance is less). The more the domain name has been present for some time on the web, the more it favors its domain authority. Conclusion on the objectives of the domain of authority Ultimately, you can’t directly control your website’s domain authority in the short term. But if you continuously monitor the health of your link profile, create compelling content and thus earn high quality links, your domain authority will improve gradually, increasing your Google rankings and organic traffic in the long run.


Another way to get high quality links is to ask other websites that have a higher domain or page authority score to link to your main content. Just make sure your content is relevant to the content on the referring website. Data is there to help and guide you. Test, track your metrics, and accentuate what works. You can enhance your data and develop a real Digital Marketing strategy to promote your business. In addition to a quantitative approach, set up qualitative measures to improve your area of ​​authority and therefore your SEO.


Say What You Like And What You Don’t Like

But the relationship between a crèche and a communication agency is much less obvious! If the thematic link is weak, Google may not give the http link much consideration, and even penalize your site one day. On the same topic : 7 Ways to Learn SEO The disadvantages of running a network of websites? It is clear that what worked one day on the Internet no longer necessarily works the next day …

Google Penguin: the risk of punishment Google Penguin: the risk of punishment Google’s algorithms are evolving and improving all the time. In 2012, Google implemented a supplement to its algorithm with the sweet name of “Penguin”. And today, Penguin is fully integrated into the main algorithm. Penguin’s goal? Penalize websites that participate in “circles of links” or that set up link farms pointing to their site. In short, any website which “cheats” by artificially creating many inbound links is penalized.

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