Having a blog is one thing; it is quite another to feed it regularly with information that interests your customers and prospects. In this article, we won’t go over the importance of having a blog for your business. Here we are going to Egypt WhatsApp Number List   on what is probably the most difficult: how to find the right blog topics, able to attract traffic to the site, because they meet the expectations of your customers … Here are some free techniques we use to get past the block in front of the clean sheet.

We thus find the right inspiration for our blog articles. Trainer training WHERE DO THE IDEAS COME FROM? Imagination is a uniquely human trait. You can find the right blog topics by: Reading a lot; Continuously forming; According to current events; Based on his own experience. These inspirations will create bridges between the different ideas, until the “Eureka moment”. In the creative process of writing a blog post, the imagination is not enough on its own.


Listen To Prospects And Customers

It must be accompanied by a more strategic and tactical side. There are several ways to find the right article topic. Here are some ideas where to look: LISTEN TO PROSPECTS AND CUSTOMERS The internet is a continuous whisper! He never stops talking to you and giving you opportunities, you just have to listen and learn to listen. CHATBOT If you have set up direct messaging or a chatbot, you will need to be attentive to the recurring questions from your customers and prospects. These will allow you to have material for the production of long-term content.

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PUT A Q / A TAB ON THE SITE It may be interesting to put a Q / A section on your site. This way, people who have pointed questions can ask them and thus feed the list of topics in your editorial calendar. LISTEN TO SALESPEOPLE Every day, salespeople receive a huge number of questions from customers and prospects about your services or products. It is therefore daring to listen to them and collect all kinds of information that comes directly from your potential targets. This brings together valid and justified ideas to use them as topics to be covered in your articles.


Interview Your Customers

INTERVIEW YOUR CUSTOMERS Before you start writing, it is essential to know the reading and information habits of your buyer personas. Do you really know what types of media they consult, on what subjects and for what reasons? If you have the answer to this question, great! Otherwise, our advice is to ask them directly. There are several ways to do this: During an annual meeting; Thanks to a questionnaire set up in your company; By publishing a playful post or with a live one on social networks. The possibilities are limitless ! It’s up to you to be creative!

You also have to be empathetic and listen to the customer when they ask you about certain problems they encounter in their daily life. Also ask yourself what are their questions, their frustrations, their questions. Then try to find the article idea that can answer these questions. GOOGLE ANALYTICS In your Google Analytics account, you can watch the most read and most successful topics over a period of time.

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