More than ever, dissatisfied customers can wreak havoc and damage your online reputation by leaving negative customer reviews everywhere. To fully benefit from the benefits of Google Venice, it is imperative that companies keep their Niger Email List up to date: In the main online directories of their sector of activity, But also in all online maps and navigation tools. E n especially in the retail and services sector, I recommend you to manage your profile online and respond quickly to feedback from their customers . Audrey: Thanks Joshua for this explanation on Google Venice.

Regardless, have a well-defined strategy when it comes to local SEO so that you can integrate your activities into the digital fabric of your local community. Since Venice, Google has invested heavily in My business. The tool is constantly evolving with new features to highlight your business. For example, today you can also broadcast your events, promotions… These are Google Posts . In any case, Google at the moment is extremely generous. Google Posts are free advertising ! Make the most of it before it’s too late …


Understand Your Client’s Psychology

If you have a popularity deficit compared to your competitors, then it is relevant to implement an external link acquisition strategy: Contact your suppliers, partners, customers … to obtain links from their site, Write guest articles on blogs on your theme, Set up the exchange of triangular links, Publish your best blog posts on your social networks, Or buy directly from links, although I don’t recommend it too much. Although this practice is unnatural, it is not penalized because Google has no way of knowing if you have purchased links.


My advice : analyze your link profile and compare it with that of your competitors. 4. Your content serves only Google, and not your Internet users Is your content written to please Google only, or is your content directly addressing a problem your prospect has? On informational requests (question type – problem solving), Internet users expect to find a relevant answer to simply help them. But sometimes, to optimize your text optimally, and give you every chance to position yourself well, you go much further than what would be sufficient to answer the Internet user’s question.


Create An Effective Persuasion System

You are getting into excessive optimization, in order to cover the subject up and down. It works, but it’s easy to see that the article is over-optimized and only for Google. My advice : find the right balance between content optimized enough for Google, and pleasant to read for the Internet user . On the same subject : How to update web content to improve SEO? 5. Do not regularly audit your website Do not regularly audit your website A website lives, evolves, gains in functionality, in number of pages … It is sometimes modified, the tree structure changes, the internal mesh evolves …

In short, just as many changes that technically influence SEO and that will create problems: URL addresses, in 301 redirection, meshed in your website, 404 mesh errors, Duplicate content, Redirected URLs present in the sitemap, Hreflang tag when a site has a foreign version site version. My advice : regularly audit your website and correct errors as you go. Start with the improvements suggested by your Search Console and to go further, use Screaming Frog to eliminate all your technical SEO errors. 6. Not knowing your SEO competition When I start a project with a new client, I always start with a competitive analysis.


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