Whether you are an expert in Digital  Malta Phone Number List  Marketing or not and whatever your profession (entrepreneur, blogger, web editor…), I am convinced that you have already been confronted with the blank page syndrome. If it is a real fear for writers, this problem also applies to people wishing to set up an inbound marketing strategy for their business (in other words an online content strategy). Especially since writing for the web is not just about the quality of writing. In addition to being framed by natural referencing rules that must be respected to be appreciated by Google

your web content also has the stake of responding to a need, to a problem, in short, to the questions that your audience is asking. . So how do you manage to satisfy the search engine and engage your reader at the same time? How to find THE subject which will answer perfectly to the problems of your audience while retaining it? And above all, how to properly develop this subject, once found? Here are all the questions I asked Kelly Boreh , Brand content producer at Sortvoices, which publishes the online service Asking Franklin . So many questions that I hope you won’t have to ask yourself after reading this article. So let’s get started. Contents [ display ] Why is it essential to listen to Internet users to create engaging content? Why is it essential to listen to Internet users to create engaging content?

Conclusion On Content Topics That Retain Your Audience

As you can see, it is important to create web content to promote your business’ offer. But unfortunately, you are not the only one. Indeed, every day, hundreds of thousands (millions?) Of articles, podcasts and videos are published, you have to know how to get out of the game ! One thing is for sure, content creation engages prospects, customers, increases traffic to your website, and, done right, converts those prospects into leads. However, this content creation strategy must be well implemented . The key issue is not so much to differentiate yourself here, even if it is essential to prove your value against that of your competitors and to add value to your content. Meet user needs Meet user needs No, the first priority when writing for the web is to meet the needs of your audience. You want to create content on lawn mowers


yes, there is more glamor to the topic, I’m not very inspired), fine. However, other than writing about the latest designs or how to use them, you’re stuck for inspiration and your content isn’t engaging. You will then be surprised to learn that Internet users carry out a lot of research on the subject. Indeed, they ask themselves, for example: When should you mow your lawn? What oil should I use for my lawn mower? Where can it be repaired or thrown away? Which mower to choose between an electric or a gasoline? So much content at your fingertips that really interests your audience! And if it can receive it from a company specializing in the field, it is even better for credibility

To Sum Up In 3 Questions

content that engages and builds loyalty Listening to internet users is the best way to create quality content that engages and builds loyalty. Beyond that, it’s also the best way to maximize their experience when they visit your website. And a user who appreciates the time they have spent on your site is a user who is likely to come back! Conversely, if your reader cannot find the answer to his question, he will quickly leave your site to find content that answers it elsewhere. You got it right. The Internet user is your best source of inspiration and content for finding new ideas. Based on their issues, interests and questions, you are sure to engage them by creating content that interests them simply because you meet a real need. On the same topic : How to choose your content expert In practice,

how to listen to Internet users to create content that builds loyalty? In practice, how to listen to Internet users to create content that builds loyalty? This is a question worth asking. And that’s when Asking Franklin comes in. Created by Sortvoices , this French tool collects for you all the questions asked by Internet users on Google, the most used search engine in the world. Whether your goal is to gain new customers, save time on the technical aspects, or stand out from the competition, just type in the keyword that interests you and wait for it to do all the work. In the space of a few seconds, the tool returns all the questions typed by Internet users including this keyword. To make it easier for you, the results are categorized in a tree segmenting the questions: By type , that is to say the questions starting with what, when,

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