A simple, yet comprehensive dashboard Google My Business, A simple but complete dashboard For those who fear that they will not end up with the use of Google My Business, know that it is bordering on child’s play. Personally, I Suriname Email List to Google’s principle of bringing together the various statistics useful to professionals in a single platform. It’s the equivalent of a mini Google Analytics with information like: How do users interact with your GMB listing ?

How did they find you? Study their behavior : number of views and actions (clicks, calls, etc.) to understand how you stand out, Analyze your customers : where do they come from? How to attract other potential customers? Identify the photos that command the most attention and rate your performance against similar establishments … There are many analyzes, here’s what to better understand all these statistics . And lastly, if you have specific questions about Google My Business or if you’re having trouble with your listing, the most suitable website is the Google My Business forum .


A Cornerstone Article: What Is It?

The most important thing is to understand that Google constantly wants to innovate its services in order to improve the search experience for Google users. Conclusion on this presentation of Google My Business Claiming your Google My Business page is the easiest first step to building your online visibility. With its unified interface, Google My Business makes life easier for local businesses by increasing their chances of being detected by Internet users on Google. In order to find the right business to meet their needs, 4 in 5 consumers search local search engines. It’s easy to please these prospects.


To do this, it’s very simple: configure and optimize your Google My business listing. Plus, it’s a completely free way to attract customers with just a small investment of time. And by regularly using Google My Business, you can engage with your customers, increase your chances of being found, and drive more targeted traffic to your website or businesses. For those who are still in doubt about the benefits of Google My Business for your business, I advise you to continue reading with this article on local SEO .


Why Are Cornerstone Articles Important To Your Site?

Google today Google today Google still works the same way, with just a lot more sophistication. For example, all inbound links (also called backlinks) do not have the same weight. A link from a website with a lot of backlinks that points to it carries more weight than a link from a site with few inbound links. For example, a link from lemonde.fr is probably worth around 1,000 links from a link that comes from #audreytips. Still, Google’s primary objective is to satisfy Internet users. And so find the “best” (or most popular) web page for the words you type in the search bar.

The consequence is therefore that: Google must clearly understand the subject of each of your web pages, And you have to make it popular, so get the most inbound links. If you can do it, it’s won! And it’s not as hard as you might think, as long as you don’t just do anything. Respect the rules of the game Today there are many other criteria for ranking web pages, experts even speak of more than 200 criteria. I repeat: Google’s goal is to satisfy Internet users . So if you cheat to get a better position with content that does not satisfy Internet users, you will get penalized or worse, banned!

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