However, on the online training market, you can find anything and everything, at all prices. And the infopreneurs who do well, and who last despite the years, are those who sell quality information products. Making quality with your information Cyprus WhatsApp Number List that you are not offering a trivial online training, but a “customer experience”. You are not there just to impart information. For example, this will be all the extras that make up this famous “customer experience” : exchanges of the community, proximity between the expert and his audience.

face-to-face meetings, monitoring of students in training, etc. These are the elements that will make the difference in the perceived value of an online training course when choosing. 2 – YOUR AUTHORITY AND YOUR BRANDING Again, don’t assume that customers are just buying your training. In fact, they are buying the fact of having an experience with you , that is to say that their opinion of you, about you, is going to be very important. Branding and authority are built over time, but it also depends on the closeness you maintain with your audience, the way you answer their questions… the “little attentions” you have for them.


In Short: It’s The Atomic Bomb If You Want To Make A Lot Of Sales Yourself.

Then, to build trust and envy, you need a “compelling deal,” where the perceived value over price is largely in favor of the customer. As with Auchan, the customer must have a “Wouaahh” effect ! 3 – THE PRICE OF YOUR ONLINE TRAINING This then brings us to a fundamental point: the price. As I have just explained to you, the perceived value in relation to the price must convince your customer that even if the product is expensive, it is largely a winner and that he will win for at least 3 or 4 times its price! In terms of price, there are several things to know, because it is necessary to be consistent according to the format of your digital product: PDF, video, audio, multimedia…

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If your product is an ebook, the price will be the value of a book , 20 to 30 euros max. If you are doing video or audio training, the perceived value is already starting to increase a bit. It will also depend on the promise you make: a “small” program of 4 modules, but which brings a transformation to go from situation A to situation B, with a real result, can be sold very expensive. 4 – PSYCHOLOGICAL LEVELS You should know that customers have a psychological price level: if you sell your product for up to 100 €, the decision is relatively quick. You will thus sell quite easily.


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If you sell between $ 100 and $ 500, as the amount is more important, you will have to create a lot more confidence and be more patient. If you sell over $ 500, it will take a lot more upstream work to convince you with your offer. You’re going to have to “brand” your online training, create a lot more promotional content, and build trust . What I want to tell you is that we do not sell a product at 47 or 67 € and coaching at 2,500 € for example in the same way.

The strategy you are going to put in place must be consistent with the price of your online training. If you’re selling training for $ 500 , you can’t just redirect traffic with a link to your sales page. We will have to “turn things up” by creating content around it (Facebook live, webinar, free workshop, etc.). 5 – THE COMMERCIAL ANIMATION OF YOUR ONLINE TRAINING Another point I wanted to discuss with you: commercial animation. The more different products you create, the more you will be able to do commercial animation , that is to say, offer rotating promotions on such and such an offer. You need to create a product catalog.

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