You’ll want to save your logo in the correct format to ensure compatibility and the ability to resize later. If you save it as png, tiff, gif, jpeg, or other raster exports (tip: make sure you know the correct file types for image transparency), all of your work will be reduced to none, unless you also save a vectorized version. The good news is that there are a large Guatemala Phone Numbers List of vector file formats out there, and each of them is perfect for ensuring the durability of your design. AI (Adobe Illustrator Artwork) is Illustrator’s native file format. When you save your file, this file type is usually set by default.

And if you only want to work with Illustrator and other software that opens and works with AI files, there’s not much more you need to do. That said, if you want to collaborate with other people or pass the file to the client for other uses, it may be best to use a standard vector file that doesn’t limit your options. EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) are two universal file types that work in different programs – SVG is also unique in that it is supported by most web browsers, and that’s not a bad idea.


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” Save multiple copies of your logo in AI, EPS and SVG format to deal with any eventuality. Our free logo maker does that. This is an essential aspect of vector designs after all. Because, if you do not have the source file of your logo in various compatible formats, you may be limited in the changes you can make thereafter. Once you’ve saved your vector in the proper vector formats, you might also need to save the rasterized versions for email or other uses, although you always have the option to go back and do an export when needed.

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Note that many social media platforms rely on rasterized images of specific sizes. So you will need exports for these images anyway. Long live vector design! With these simple tips, we hope we’ve helped you understand the benefits of using vectors in your important design projects. While there are many uses for rasterized images in digital design, vectors are most suitable for logos and images that need to suit multiple devices, screens, printing applications, etc. Truth be told, once you get used to vectors, you won’t want to deal with blurry, pixelated raster images again.


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We won’t blame you for that, and we welcome you to the vector camp. Better yet, save time on your next vector logo project and give our free tool a try. It’s easy for beginners, those new to design, and even experts can cut design time by loading one of our beautiful designs into their favorite editing tool. For example, does your staff have a good copywriter or social media expert who can help with promotion? If you are investing in a professional logo, why not use a business card maker tool for your other marketing materials? Be transparent with your customers Don’t wait until launch time to break the news to customers.

Long-time business owners easily forget that customers feel deeply invested in the brands they love. If you lack transparency about your plans, you could lose loyal customers who misunderstand your priorities. Clarify the objectives of the overhaul of your brand identity and integrate them into your business story . In general, the newsletter, company website, and store signage are the best medium for communicating with customers. Build sympathy in your audience for your evolving mission so that they are excited to move forward with you.

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