So, they use these descriptions that I advise you to add to properly describe the object of the image. My advice : It is not mandatory but since these alt attributes allow them to better understand the content of the page, it affects the SEO of Portuguese Timor Email List page. This is why they should not be neglected. I cover this topic in detail in my complete guide to optimizing your images on WordPress . Note : these “alt” attributes are also useful for visually impaired people who use software that dictates the content of a page.

Search Engines Don’t ‘See’ Everything It is important to know the elements of a web page that search engines do not “see”. So you can tailor your website content to help bots understand it better. We’ve already mentioned images and how alt attributes help bots understand what an image is. But other elements cannot be interpreted by search engines. “Flash” files Google said it can extract certain information from Adobe Flash files . But it is rather difficult.


The Problem Is, It’s Impossible To Tell If A Video Will Work.

Because at first, we can consider that Flash is similar to an image. Of course, it is possible to add text to explain the purpose of Flash. Unfortunately, few developers think about it. My advice : prefer HTML5 which is a search engine compatible alternative. Audio and video files As with images, search engines have difficulty understanding audio or video files. My advice : add the transcripts of your audio and / or video files to the webpage to help search engines understand them better.


This is also a function offered by YouTube . The programs For example, AJAX and other forms of JavaScript are programs that dynamically display the content of a web page. Google is working to take them into account, but it still has many limitations. Iframes tags An iframe tag is used to embed content from another site into your web page. For example, banner ads are in iFrame tags. On some sites, the captcha that you must validate before entering a comment is also one.


But Why This Loss Of Confidence?

Obviously, Google does not treat this content as if it is part of your page, since it is from another website. Personal thoughts on how a search engine works Personal thoughts on how a search engine works No technology is impartial. Let us take an example to illustrate my point. Type “beauty” on Google Image. According to Google’s algorithms, beauty comes down to a young female face with white skin! There is no place in these results for Audrey Hepburn or: The smile of a stranger, A sunrise, Or a painting by Renoir … Each technology has its compromises and its shortcomings.

The flaw in the example above is simply due to the fact that the cosmetics industry invests more money, and publishes more content on the Web, than fans of Renoir’s paintings. Under these conditions, cosmetics quickly became the standard to define the canons of beauty. In conclusion on “How does Google work? And why bother? I am convinced that knowing the 3 steps of Google – crawl, index, rank – can only help you harmonize your business website as well as possible to make it easier for search engines to understand.

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