In this way, your SEO will be better and you will be able to find new opportunities thanks to the Internet. To save time on the technical aspects, while making Google happy, in addition to continuing to read me regularly, I strongly advise you to at least: Saint Helena Email List consult your Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) to correct any errors that Google points out to you, Follow the guidelines of the Yoast plugin for WordPress before any publication.

That is, you need to identify the specific words that your customers type on search engines when they want to purchase your products. To achieve this, several free tools are available. Among these, we find the UberSuggest tool from Neil Patel and the keyword planning tool offered by Google Ads. You will find a ton of keyword suggestions as well as their volume and difficulty in positioning (competition). Take the time to plan this research well


Can We Find Our Why On Our Own?

It is crucial to properly optimize your pages, as you will see below. My advice : create a Google Sheets or Excel document with the list of your keywords and add columns for the associated search volume and difficulty indicator. 2. Add relevant content and for your SEO Add relevant and SEO content for Shopify Another way to improve your SEO is without a doubt by adding text content to your pages. Besides the home page, the Product and Collection pages are the most important to your SEO. It is through these pages that the majority of your traffic will come organically to your website. This is where keyword research comes in.


For each product page of your site, establish your target keyword. The latter must be integrated in the title, the description of your product and in the URL (Slug). After creating your keyword research, select the word that matches your product, with the best search volume and the lowest difficulty indicator (if applicable). Make sure your text is unique for each of your pages. Duplication of text content is strictly penalized by Google. To check if your text is not already in use on another web page, I advise you to use the free Dupli Checker tool .


By The Way, What Is The Why?

Product Pages The first instinct when posting your Product Page might be to simply add a short description, price, or photo. This is what most store owners do on Shopify. There is much more to developing a Product Page that performs well in SEO . It is important to add text content in order to inform the customer about the product and add value to it. Here are some examples of interesting content to add to a Product page: Complete description and functionality of the product, Explanatory or demonstrative video, Instructions and ingredients, Product benefits, Reference links, Recipe links, FAQ, Customers’ opinion.

Collection Pages Shopify also offers to group your products into a collection. This makes it easier for your potential customers to find them by category. From an SEO point of view, Collections pages are above all a great way to add text content if it is relevant to do so. Take advantage of the space under the H1 heading to add information that describes your category. 3. Do not delete your Product pages Shopify SEO Optimization – Don’t Delete Your Product Pages When an item is out of stock or unavailable for a short time, you may be tempted to delete its Product page. This seems logical since the page seems unnecessary.

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