Remember to add specific details in your articles, Insert internal links to related articles and external links to reliable sources of information … In this way, you make the information published on your website credible. And because Google promotes highly relevant content, you improve your search engine rankings. Again, use an extension like Reunion Email Lists SEO which will guide you to optimize the referencing of each of your content. 5. Install Google Analytics How do you measure your actions to quickly improve SEO without having a dashboard! Without a minimum of indicators, it is totally impossible to know if you are heading in the right direction.

To fill this gap, Google Analytics is the free tool that I recommend. Indeed, this tool from Google simplifies the whole process to collect the relevant data and then format it to show you the performance of your business website. Indeed, Google Analytics provides essential data such as the average time your visitors spend on your site. In addition, you will also know the share of traffic coming from search engines.


Write Guest Articles To Be Visible And Establish Your Expert Position

So, you can improve your SEO campaigns based on these results. And here’s what to understand the notions and concepts around Google Analytics . In less than 10 minutes, you will master them. 6. Innovate, test Now that you have your dashboard, you will be able to “innovate”, at least do some tests. Indeed, most business leaders no longer generate organic traffic simply because they dare nothing. Their traffic is stagnating because they are not trying anything new.


From time to time, to have better results, it is necessary to get out of your comfort zone, of your daily grind. So, do your research on the Internet, talk to experts to give you areas for improvement or validate your intuitions… Then apply. For example, change your writing style, structure your content differently … Regardless, always measure the impact of your changes on Google Analytics. A significant increase in traffic following a change in the production of your content naturally means continuing in this direction.


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Innovating and testing are the best ways to get the most out of natural referencing (SEO). It is also a way to stand out from the competition. My advice : don’t be afraid. Nothing is irreversible and Google Analytics gives you the trends. In conclusion to quickly improve the SEO of your business site Getting your WordPress site high in the search engines is not as difficult as many people claim. So, apply these few tips: A good structure of the permalinks, Media sizes adapted to your theme, A good measurement tool like Google Analytics, And focus on the quality of your content!

Warning : when I say fast… I mean a few weeks. Indeed, it is necessary that Google crawls your site, indexes it and takes into account all your changes. But you can’t win every time… So think about “iteration” and after a few months review your online content to give them a facelift. My advice : start with the poorest content , at least the ones that Google least likes. Once all this is done and mastered, you just have to launch more time-consuming actions like promoting your content to garner backlinks. This last type of action is commonly grouped together on the SEO Off Page theme .

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