Are you a Digital Marketing enthusiast? Are you an entrepreneur looking to optimize your netlinking? This is the right way. The creation of links or backlinks is an essential pillar of Natural Referencing. Indeed, the links are essential to position oneself on competitive requests. Here are some questions to ask yourself before defining a North Korea Email List and effective strategy. What is the current profile of your links and that of your competitors? Have your past actions had positive effects on your site? How is your website doing today? What points to improve internally? It is from an inventory of your website that you will have the answers to all these questions.

But how to do this analysis? This is exactly what Jérémie Politi from Smart Web Group presents to us in this article. Contents [ display ] What is the link profile? What is the link profile? The link profile represents the set of links that point to your business website. Incoming links or backlinks have an impact on the optimization of your site and in particular on SEO. Thus, taking care of your link profile means putting all the assets on your side to succeed in your natural referencing. To have a strong link profile, you need to include as many links as possible from authority sites.


What Is The Link Profile?


To do this, start by analyzing your link profile to define the right strategy. If poor quality links point to your website, you can disavow them through your Google Console account. On the same subject : 5 steps to carry out an analysis of your SEO competition 6 criteria to analyze your netlinking 7 criteria to analyze your netlinking The first step is to assess the inbound links to your site, also known as backlinks. When you do an analysis of your link profile, you are going to get an overview of the inbound links. You will thus be able to assess the quality and health of your profile through these elements.


The quantity of inbound links This first point is to look at the number of links that point to your website. In particular, consider the following: The type of links that point to your website, The number of links you generate, The quality of the links generated, The content of the page that receives the links, The dofollow / nofollow ratio. As a reminder, to reference your website, search engines (Google) explore the Internet using their robots. To achieve this, they browse the links to discover the pages. The NoFollow attribute tells these bots that there is no need to take this link. It’s a bit like a forbidden meaning. Therefore, NoFollow links or no or little weight for your rankings in the engine results.


The Quantity Of Inbound Links

However, they can still generate traffic. It is obvious that all SEO marketers want to earn quality backlinks . However, it is necessary to develop an effective and smart strategy to get there. Indeed, receiving too many links overnight will certainly arouse the suspicions of Google. In addition, it is important that the links are done in a natural way for Google. The diversity of links The ideal would be to have inbound links coming each time from a new domain to diversify your netlinking as well as possible. If you find that you have several links coming from the same sites, you must surely have to diversify your links.

For this you need to address new areas. Here are the 5 main types of links: A link anchored in a blog article, A link submitted in a quality directory, On a blog in a comment (often in NoFollow), A link cited in a partner page, A link entered in a profile on social networks for example. The main idea to remember is to create a natural ecosystem for Google . You should therefore seek to acquire links of different types (NoFollow / DoFollow). My advice : before you create an artificial link that points to your website, ask yourself if your website is really legitimate. Anchor text Anchor text When analyzing your link profile, you need to study the anchors that point to your website. To analyze your anchors, you must consider these 4 aspects : The word – key used to anchor.

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