The subject that interests us today is the notion of SEO strategy for a company present on the Web. I was still discussing it recently with Laurent , who told me the following: You talk about it regularly on #audreytips. Having a well-built and structured SEO strategy is essential, regardless of the size of your business. In addition, it is Poland Email List to think about it as soon as you start your brand’s presence on the web. Indeed, companies develop strategies. Candidates strategize. And even football teams strategize. But did you know that you can craft an SEO strategy for your business website?

Optimization for search engines, often abbreviated as SEO or SEO, also requires a bit of strategy to optimize its effectiveness. This is why this article aims to make you understand the main SEO techniques on the Internet in order to improve your visibility in search engines. Let us use the know-how of our “Guest Blogger”, Franck Poullet of the Oscar Référencement agency , to analyze what an SEO strategy involves and the essential elements necessary for its proper functioning. Contents [ display ] Why take Natural Referencing (SEO) into account in your communication strategy?


Why Take Natural Referencing (Seo) Into Account In Your Communication Strategy?


Why take Natural Referencing (SEO) into account in your Digital Marketing strategy? Clearly, Google is the benchmark engine with over 90% market share . And the numbers are staggering: 3.3 billion requests are made every day (100 billion per month – source Moderator’s Blog ). For each request from an Internet user, the first page of results has only 10 elected members . However, 91% of Internet users do not even bother to go to page 2 of Google (source Moderator’s Blog ). And it’s even worse than that: 75% of clicks are made on the first 3 results on pag.


The Golden Triangle How To Build An Effective SEO Strategy To understand the behavior of Internet users on the results page, here is a heat map that gives the golden triangle. As a reminder, a thermal map (or Heat Map) visually indicates which areas hold the most attention of Internet users. The image above analyzes a Google results page with a red triangle in it. This triangle is the area that attention is focused on when search engine results appear. In other words, this is the area that experts call the SEO golden triangle . The first 3 natural links have a visibility rate of 100%. You know that a Google results page consists of 2 elements: Sponsored results (can be identified with the “Ad” icon to the left of the page link).


How To Appear At The Top Of The Search Engines?

And the so-called “natural” results under the sponsored results. Here again, numerous tests have been carried out which show that Internet users prefer to click on the first “natural” link under “ad” type links. To sum up : increasing the number of visits to your business website means finding a way to appear in those first results and this for the queries you are interested in. The objective of SEO This is where the SEO strategy comes into play. To get started, you need to understand what Google is looking for. It’s simple, it seeks to respond as best as possible to the Internet user’s request. For this and very schematically, Google evaluates the quality of each of the web pages present on the Internet and above all browses the links (if they exist) to assign a level of confidence to this page.

Note : other search engines (Bing, Yahoo…) follow similar rules. How to appear at the top of the search engines? How to appear at the top of the search engines? Understanding how we interact on Google is essential to establishing your SEO strategy. In fact, when we go to a search engine, we usually have 3 goals. We are looking for : Information: by typing “best vegan restaurant in lyon” for example, A brand: by typing “Marionnaud” or “Netflix”, Some action: “organic store paris 15”. You must therefore publish content to answer the various questions posed by Internet users who interest you. On the other hand, this is not enough to obtain good visibility. You need to improve your area of ​​authority.

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