In the past, this web content  Paraguay Phone Number List  was more specifically intended for search engines with barely human readable text, but stuffed with keywords . Today, search engines have evolved and particularly Google with no less than 200 algorithms which seek to bring more and more relevance to the queries of Internet users. This evolution has therefore naturally led to an evolution of web writing and therefore web content. Keywords have become key phrases and are moving towards semantic writing with LSI keywords . The content is now oriented towards the user and no longer exclusively the search engines. I turned to Sandra , our expert in web writing to better understand the evolutions of this profession.

However, this quality change targeting SXO has also resulted in a multiplicity of content experts who have stepped into the breach opened by Inbound Marketing refocusing content at the heart of your site’s marketing strategy. Faced with the multiplicity of offers, a question then arises: how to choose your content expert and above all ensure that he is really an expert in the matter? Contents [ display ] 1. How to recognize an expert in content… and even in other fields? How to recognize an expert in content… and even in other fields? “ An exp ert is someone who has made all the mistakes that it is possible to make in a field .” (Danish physicist Niels Bohr (1885-1962))

Know How To Communicate With Your Content Expert

In other words, an expert is a specialist who knows his subject inside out, and who has tested all the solutions, the possible and imaginable combinations until finding the perfect balance, the method that works. He was therefore not afraid of failure and made it a strength in order to draw from it and list the mistakes not to be made. An expert is therefore not only a professional who has contented himself with taking up and applying an existing model. He is a researcher, a curious intellectual, a passionate person who masters the axes of his profession, assembles them, mixes techniques to create his own model. But is this sufficient to justify a position of expert in a field?


The answer is no. 2. A content expert: the restitution game A content expert: the restitution game The best way to recognize an expert, and especially a content expert, is to make them talk, to ask them questions, but also to share your point of view with them. Why ? Indeed, the web copywriting professional you have chosen will become the textual representative, the voice of your brand. And what you expect above all from him is that he positions you as an expert in your field vis-à-vis users. Expertise is the key to gaining the trust of your customers and therefore developing your profitability. Above all, an expert is a creator. Creativity as a reminder comes from a clever mix between a lack,

Choosing Your Seo Web Editor: The Test… Tricked

a void and a problem to be solved. Your content expert is therefore obliged to soak up your theme to write web content representative of your own expertise , but also to identify what your competitors are not doing. It must therefore be able to: Listen : he must ask you questions, ask for documentary databases if necessary, do research, Absorb : he will enter the immersion phase in order to soak up all the details, Apply : it analyzes the gaps and voids left by your competitors by trying and testing, Restore : he is able to write about your theme and explain it in a very concrete way. Listening, absorbing, applying and restoring are therefore the 4 phases that a content expert systematically performs. But is it enough to recognize your content expert? The answer is again no. On the same subjec

Semantic writing: instructions for use 3. Choosing your SEO web editor: the test… tricked Choosing your SEO web editor: the test… tricked Many advise giving your content expert a test to judge their actual proficiency in SEO web writing. Indeed, the support being written and the tools like , SEMrush or even Lighting SEO make it possible to analyze the SEO and the relevance of a text very quickly and therefore give you concrete feedback on the capacities of your content expert. But what about mastering your theme? The quality of the information? Of course, you yourself are an expert in your field and you will be reading the content to make sure all the information is correct. But how do you know if your web editor isn’t leading you on and just doing some superficial research for the test?

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