Boolean operator # INPOSTTITLE SEARCH OPERATOR: The advanced command inposttitle: allows you to search for pages with a keyword present in the titles of the articles. Use it without moderation if you are looking for blog articles on a particular topic for example. Advanced operator inposttitle MOVIE SEARCH OPERATOR: If you are looking for Tokelau Email List information around a film, the movie search operator: followed by the title of a film allows you to bring up information specific to the latter. If the film is still in theaters, the command will allow you to display the times of the next screenings.

What are Boolean search operators on Google? In addition to these advanced operators, there is a second type of operator: Boolean search operators. “Boolean” is a term used in computer language, which involves programming variables. These are regularly used by Internet users without knowing it. Operators that can be combined with advanced controls, a very practical solution to refine and optimize your queries. BOOLEAN SEARCH OPERATOR TO EXCLUDE TEXT WITH “-” It is possible in your queries to cross out specific keywords. The – reacts like a filter that allows you to get more relevant results in your search.


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For example, with the search “cloud solution -google” the Google search engine will offer you cloud solutions other than the one offered by Google. This operator, like all the others, can be combined with other commands. For example, you can exclude all pdf files from your search results. Advanced operator exclusion THE QUOTATION MARKS ” ” Using quotes in your search allows you to target your queries even more so that you only have pages containing the specific phrase or keyword you enter. Advanced operator quotes BOOLEAN SEARCH OPERATORS AND, OR AND () By using the Boolean operator AND, you can tell Google that you want to obtain results that must contain two expressions (or more).



The OR search operator allows you to indicate to Google that you want results mentioning at least one of the two expressions (or more). Be careful, for these Boolean operators (OR and AND) to work, you must place them between two keywords or expressions and write them in upper case. The use of parentheses (), allows you to create subsets and to integrate prioritization rules in your search. THE ASTERISK * Can’t find an exact word or the beginning of a URL?


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The boolean operator * helps you regain memory! If you place the * symbol at the beginning, middle or end of your query, it will allow you to replace a word or a group of words that you have forgotten. The Google search engine will take care of giving you the results containing the best matches. Advanced operator asterisk What is the point of using Google search operators for my SEO referencing? In addition to SEO tools , using these advanced commands for your specific Google search engine queries will save you time and efficiency, but that’s not all. You can also use these Google search operators for your SEO SEO strategy.

MONITOR YOUR COMPETITORS’ WEBSITES You can use certain commands to analyze and monitor your competitors’ websites. The inanchor command : allows you to know the competing sites on a precise request which can relate to the activity of your company for example. The use of optimized anchors is often indicative of SEO activity on a website. You can also monitor with these search operators, the frequency of publication of content of your competitors.

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